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Enjoy a Merry Christmas at SHKP malls

SHKP malls are resplendent with lovely romantic glitter for December and invite you and your family to come and take in the warm, festive mood.

Romantic Christmas at New Town Plaza

New Town Plaza is known for its romantic Christmas decorations and has a glittering artistic glass theme with the Starlight Garden Glassy Avenue on level seven (phase one) for all to enjoy. The avenue is festooned with over 1,000 glittering glass flowers, complete with a flowerbed with about 4,800 purple-red and purple-blue glass tulips. The glass Christmas ornaments hanging from the upper part of the water fountain suddenly start dancing at night in an exciting Kinetic light show creating different festive patterns and pictures accompanied by matching sound. The dreamy light show over the flowerbed is like theatre entrancing people with its visual feast. Four glass artists are on hand to perform in turn, giving shoppers a chance to learn how to make glass ornaments and create unique Christmas presents.

Snoopy does an encore at apm

The cute and popular Snoopy has brought his friends from the Peanuts series to celebrate Christmas again at apm. The 6,000-square-foot apm X "Snoopy: The Peanuts Movie" Christmas Fantasyland has classic scenes from the upcoming Christmas movie like a flying Christmas blimp, Snoopy doghouse, digital Christmas forest, Snoopy & Friends cinema and Snoopy 65th anniversary exhibition. Don't miss out on the pop-up store selling limited-edition Peanuts merchandises from different countries. And Snoopy has his girlfriend Fifi with him for the first time on the ten-metre flying Christmas blimp. apm will host major countdown parties on Christmas and New Year's eves with popular stars singing and dancing in exciting programmes to liven up the brilliant occasions!

Glittery Kissmas at wtc more

Christmas parties give ladies an excuse to get dolled up. Riding on the theme of "Love & Kisses", wtc more invited award-winning Lithuanian artist Agne Kisonaite to create a three-metre high 3-D lipstick sculpture made of 18,399 lipsticks for the wtc more "Kissmas". The giant lipstick is recognized in the Guinness World Records as the largest lipstick sculpture. Hong Kong star make-up artist and the only lipstick sculptor in Hong Kong, May Sum has created 5 all-new lipstick sculptures based on K-pop stars theme including Kang Haneul, Ok Taec Yeon, Park Shin Hye, Jung Da Yeon and Song Ji Hyo. The mall also exhibits 20 classic artworks including Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. Do come and enjoy a romantic Christmas with your loved ones.

V city presents a CRAFTHOLIC© Christmas amusement park

Animal mascots from the popular Japanese CRAFTHOLIC© brand are at a special amusement park in V city. Cute mascots KORAT the cat, SLOTH the bear, LORIS the monkey, RAB the rabbit, RIBOU the reindeer and INU-KUN the dog are at the Snowman's Booth, Christmas Sled, Warm and Cosy House, Letterbox of Love and Happy Photo Booth. You can customize V city – CRAFTHOLIC© electronic Christmas cards and send wishes of love to those close to you, and purchase limited-edition goodies from the CRAFTHOLIC© pop-up store. V city will also have parties on Christmas and New Year's eves with handsome male and lovely female artists counting down to welcome Christmas and usher in the New Year with joy.


  1. Glassy Avenue at the Starlight Garden runs until 15 January 2016 at the Starlight Garden on level seven (New Town Plaza phase one). The special glass art events include an introduction to outdoor glass blowing, outdoor lampwork, microwave glass making and a guided tour on glass aesthetics.

  2. apm X Snoopy: Christmas with Peanuts runs until 3 January 2016. apm will also have a winter bargain sale in mid December.

  3. The wtc more Kissmas exhibition runs until 3 January 2016. Other features include wtc more Kissmass K-pop star lipstick sculpture charity sale, a limited-edition sparkling Christmas gift redemption and a lipstick-making workshop.

  4. The V city X CRAFTHOLIC© Christmas amusement park runs until 1 January 2016. Other special programs include a seminar, a workshop, V city LIVE MUSIC, a V city Santa Hat giveaway and Christmas privileges. 

  5. Pictures are representative only.

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