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Go on an extraordinary Noah's Ark adventure with your parents

Noah's Ark animal app with interesting information
Brother: We made these at the chocolate workshop! Don't they look good?
Shall We Talk plays children's messages to parents if received by 1:00 pm
Moses returns through time with treasures from Israel
Fun Zebra and spectacular dinosaur fossil
Brother: My little sister will get this Letter to Future three years from now and read how I love her
Pretty Giraffe: Is this beautiful souvenir T-shirt a gift from your daddy?
Noah's Ark photo service preserves special family moments

Noah's Ark is pleased to announce the I Love Mama and Papa family tour for Father's Day promotion. Families can get ‘buy two – get one free' admission and members who visit Noah's Ark by June 16 can get 30% off for two or more having the dinner buffet at the Harvest Restaurant. Come and let our Smart Giraffe, Pretty Giraffe and Fun Zebra mascots guide your trip!

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