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Discover Hong Kong with the ICC Light and Music Show

The name Bruce Lee brings cheers of appreciation in many people, reflecting the transcendent status of the superstar. The ICC Light and Music Show – Discovery Hong Kong performance takes viewers through well-known landmarks, attractions and customs of Hong Kong that show the city's charms from another angle, complete with the martial art of kung fu master Bruce Lee himself!

Stirring collective memory

ICC Light and Music Show – Discovery Hong Kong plays out on the facades of International Commerce Centre each evening. It starts with a rabbit on a bicycle followed by iconic images of Hong Kong like sailboats, the Tsing Ma Bridge, Chinese white dolphin and horse racing one after another. Then suddenly, martial arts master Bruce Lee appears on the facades to show his fighting techniques and gets the rabbit to follow along. The next episode unveils with Tsim Sha Tsui clock tower and 'ding-ding' tram that holds fond memories for Hong Kong people at centre stage, after which ICC abruptly becomes a chameleon turning into other landmark buildings attracting waves of applause. The show ends with a dazzling fireworks display and a heart-shaped HK drifting through the air symbolizing people's love for Hong Kong.

Mobile app for greater appreciation

The ICC Light and Music Show plays every evening at 7:45 and 9:00. You can download the ICC Light and Music Show smartphone app to get the soundtrack while watching the show from the shores of Victoria Harbour, or watch from the P3 and P4 public terraces of ifc mall to enjoy the show with the music broadcast by the advanced audio equipment.

Scan the QR code to download the ICC Light and Music Show app to a smartphone.

ICC Light and Music Show
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