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Members got a sneak peek at the new landmark Dino Park, New Town Plaza to experience this all-new children's entertainment playground

SHKP Club recently arranged its members and their children to visit the new landmark Dino Park, New Town Plaza's all-new children's playground. The response was overwhelming - thank you for the enthusiastic support!

Brand-new play facilities to help children enhance limb sensitivity

Dino Park, located in the outdoor podium on L5 of New Town Plaza Phase One, covers an area of more than 35,000 square feet and is equipped with up to 14 play facilities, among which the realistic giant Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, measuring up to 26 metres long and seven metres high, provides multi-functional play equipment, including a rope bridge, climbing frames, slides, hammocks and balance bars. There are also multiple climbing walls with varying slopes, a large slide frame made up of three dinosaur shapes, and the 23-metre-long Dino Zipline allowing kids to fly through the air four metres off the ground! Dino Park's design concept refers to research content released by the American Academy of Pediatrics on why children love dinosaurs. Through the colours of the park, the explorability of different facilities, and the authenticity of the dinosaur shapes, children can learn about themselves and exceed their potential while playing, while also improving their sensitivity to external stimuli, limb coordination, and balance.

On the event day, members and their children had fun with a variety of new facilities and photo hotspots in the park at designated times, and they received dinosaur themed gifts to make the holiday extra special.

Feedback from participating members and their families

"As I stepped into the mall, I saw the escalator leading to the activity venue with its unique dinosaur themed layout. The facilities in the park were novel and fun, and some even had music installations which added to the atmosphere. My child and I had a fantastic time. During leisure time, I always take my daughter to play in New Town Plaza's Play Park."
Member Mrs Chan

"It was wonderful to visit the newly opened Dino Park and try out various facilities. I was most impressed by the giant T-Rex shaped play facility. I was very glad with how smooth the day went and that we had plenty of time to play at this activity. With so many dining options, New Town Plaza is a great place for my family to hang out."
Member Ms Chung

"Dino Park is conveniently located with great surroundings and amenities. We didn't need to wait in line for admission this time and were the first to experience a number of new play facilities for both adults and children, and I especially loved the long slide!"
Member Ms Lee

Members and their children enjoyed family time together while having fun with the wide range of facilities at Dino Park
The Trampoline is designed specifically for young kids, enabling them to enhance their sporting skills and balance through play
Children absolutely love the Playground Spinner device
A member and her son captured this joyful moment in front of the towering Tyrannosaurus Adventure facility