Loving Home Newsletter

Show your support for the Club with stories of love

There have been many memorable moments of love and joy over the years as the SHKP Club grew with members, and the Club is staging the Loving Moments with SHKP Club competition as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. Members will be invited to relate wonderful moments or touching stories about the Club.

Sharing love

Tell about the unforgettable happy times you and your family spent with the SHKP Club in the Loving Moments with SHKP Club competition and let us know what you feel about the service, offers and activities the Club provides, as well as what you expect to come. Participants can alternatively describe their experience or fond moments living in SHKP residential developments or thoughts about time spent in SHKP malls or hotels. The Club looks forward to learning of your feelings and expectations through the Love in SHKP Residential Properties, Love in SHKP Malls, Love in SHKP Hotels and Love in the SHKP Club divisions. There will be prizes in different categories like air tickets with hotel accommodation and a tour of SHKP malls in Shanghai or SHKP mall coupons. Stay tuned for details and ways to enter on the SHKP Club website.