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ICC Light and Music Show presents a taste of childhood

A new ICC Light and Music Show called Fantasy Wonderland is being presented on the facades of International Commerce Centre as summer approaches. The show takes viewers back to a carefree childhood full of classic games and toys that give people lots of fun and pleasure!

Rekindle happy childhood memories

If you had a teddy bear that kept you company in childhood, Fantasy Wonderland is a chance to reminisce about the old days. The new show playing from June until late August opens with teddy welcoming viewers to a paradise full of classic games like hopscotch, the space shuttle, Rubik's cube, Jenga, an aeroplane chess, rocking horse and coffee cup rides. Then a party of characters comes along. Plush monkeys have fun in a yoyo forest, nutcrackers dance, tin robots march in formation and rubber ducks and puppet rabbits join the party, all reveling in a frolicsome journey.

Mobile app for greater appreciation

Fantasy Wonderland plays every evening at 7:45 and 9:00. The best places for viewing are the P3 and P4 public terraces of ifc mall, which have advanced audio equipment broadcasting the music in sync. You can also download the ICC Light and Music Show smartphone app to get the soundtrack while watching the show from the shores of Victoria Harbour, and a video of Fantasy Wonderland is now available on the SHKP Club website.

Scan the QR code to download the ICC Light and Music Show app to a smartphone.

ICC Light and Music Show
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