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Fun with a variety of reading activities

The SHKP Reading Club has a full line up of literary events this year. Recent highlights include a kick-off ceremony for its World Book Day celebrations in late April and a seminar with three professionals telling people how to get ahead in the workplace with new ideas gained by reading. The ongoing Recycle Your Read book donation campaign encourages people to pass on the joy of reading to other book lovers, with the latest collection points in the New Territories East in June and New Territories West in July.

Triumph over adversity

The SHKP Reading Club held a ceremony hosted by SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok to kick off its celebrations to mark World Book Day on 23 April. He said: "Reading is very enjoyable and satisfying. My latest interest is the I Ching, an ancient Chinese classic full of wisdom that is inspiring and offers enlightenment on personal development and life principles. I also like biographies because they help me understand how adversity can be channelled into success, and this is encouragement to overcome life's challenges." The World Book Day celebrations include the online Read EVERYDAY campaign, Literature Classic Theatre, seminar, school tours, a reading installation display and more to broaden people's concept of reading and promote literature as a part of daily life in a new way.

Professional experts offer tips

With the end of the academic year there will be many graduates looking all over and putting in a lot of effort to send out plenty of job applications, often with disappointing results. The SHKP Reading Club had three hosts for a recent Thoughtful Reading: The Key to Your Career Planning seminar. Veteran human resources management and strategic planning consultant Armstrong Lee suggested that people looking for work should choose two or three sectors they are most interested in and prepare with these targets in mind. At the same time, they should also learn the art of praise so that others will be more likely to listen to their opinions. Former Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management president Wilfred Wong talked about what he read and said that effective execution can help to reduce unnecessary interference; the secret is to be clear about what you want to achieve, know what to do to reach the target, watch how things are progressing and take responsibility for the final outcome. RoadShow Chief Operating Officer Thomas Lo said it was worthwhile to read biographies of successful people to learn from them. He offered an example of the book 33 Things Successful People Would Do Silently that tells of small habits successful people in different fields have to show how the key to success sometimes lies in little things.

All welcome to join SHKP Reading Club's next activity

The Club is now promoting its Share Movie to Help the Underprivileged activity on Facebook with guests from different walks of life like Daniel Chong, CEO of YATA, Thomas Lo, Dr Tony Mok, Hong Kong Baptist University Department of Physical Education Associate Professor Dr. Lobo Louie, Principal Chan Free Tutorial World Chan Hung, singers Eman Lam and C AllStar and more giving their reading recommendations. Click 'like' and share these movies with your friends through the Club's Facebook page, and for every 100 'shares' SHKP will sponsor ten underprivileged children or youths in creative reading activities through St James' Settlement. Act now and show love by your clicks!

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From left: RoadShow Chief Operating Officer Thomas Lo, veteran human resources management and strategic planning consultant Armstrong Lee and former Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management president Wilfred Wong share their experience