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Respect the elderly and look after the young - Mainland and Hong Kong volunteers show compassion

To add festive cheer on top of gongs and drums that reverberate as dragon boats race, SHKP sent its volunteer team out to distribute dumplings ahead of the Dragon Boat Festival so that elderly singles and couples could savour the delicacies. The Group also has a mainland volunteer team to show solicitude for chronically ill children through the love and strength of its staff.

Giving dumplings to the elderly to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

The Building Homes with Heart Caring Initiative continued supporting Dragon Boat Festival activities this year by distributing lucky bags with dumplings and food staples to 3,000 elderly singles or couples living in Hong Kong Island East and Sha Tin. SHKP volunteers chatted with the seniors to make them know that they are cared for. The team also gave dumplings and fruit to 1,300 elderly people in Sham Shui Po as part of the Building Homes with Heart, Spreading Deep Love to the Elderly campaign.

Play with chronically ill children

SHKP established its mainland volunteer team in 2014, introducing the concept of corporate volunteers to the mainland. The team is working with the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre on a long-term Heart Whispers programme to look after the psychological needs of sick children and marshal social resources to help them realize their dreams. With the consent of attending physicians, the mainland SHKP Volunteer Team recently held a parent-child spring outing, taking children suffering from rare diseases and their parents to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium and for games in a park. The aquarium opened early just for the children and had two professional guides accompany them throughout the tour. The guides explained interesting marine facts and the children seized the opportunity to experience a whole new world beyond their wards and make friends with marine animals. SHKP also answered the children's wishes by arranging for them and their parents to visit the largest open lawn in Shanghai accompanied by hospital social workers and volunteers. They made bottled plants together so the children could keep spring in their own "secret gardens" and preserve fond memories.

SHKP Building Homes with Heart Caring Initiative volunteers distributing Dragon Boat Festival lucky bags to bring joy to the elderly
SHKP Mainland Volunteer Team Leader Renee Wang (third right), volunteers and children visit Shanghai Ocean Aquarium