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Small hand, big hand, old hand Noah's Ark – hand in hand on a joyful journey

Father's Day is coming. How would you like to celebrate with dad? Fathers young and old have their own views and it might take some time to decide. Maybe Noah's Ark Hong Kong on Ma Wan will give you some ideas.

Fathers with young children

Small handicrafts children make for their parents are full of young innocence and wonder, and create precious memories for both parent and child. Noah's Ark is having a Love My Parents activity* and inviting people to let go of work and relax with family amid the natural scenery of Ma Wan. Visitors can additionally take advantage of free professional photography and put fun family photos into quaint frames made by their children on the spot or express warm feelings between father and child in a Family Hand Painting Fun session. Noah's Ark will also extend a Buy 2 Get 1 Free ticket offer# for families to enjoy more great times together.

A leisurely stroll with your old man

The most important thing for the elderly is to have a healthy and happy life. Noah's Ark is surrounded by beautiful nature where you and your dad can take a leisurely walk among the woods and flowers and listen to the chirping of insects and birds. Your dad may reminisce about the old days and tell childhood stories about catching bugs by hand or picking berries, typifying the pleasures of a simple life. You can also visit the Wondrous Life Gallery in the Art Expo together and explore the wonders of nature, adding more pleasant surprises to your outing.

*Visitors can enjoy free Love My Parents family fun activities after admission every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday until 28 June 2015.

# The Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer only applies to tickets until 28 June 2015 which are purchased at the Noah's Ark main entrance or MOKO mall customer care centre in Mong Kok. Buying two regularly-priced same-day tickets earns a complimentary ticket, which must be used on the same day.

Please see the Noah's Ark Hong Kong website for details.

Note: Pictures are representative only and do not depict actual event arrangements.

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Children can make personalized photo frames in a creative workshop
The Wondrous Life Gallery is a microcosm of nature