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SHKP Club Love between Generations seminar now open for registration

Some parents see their children as extensions of themselves and hope they live better, happier lives, while future mothers-in-law may want to know how to play the role properly by showing loving care, support and recognition to their daughter-in-law.

Maintaining family harmony

The Club will hold a Love between Generations seminar on 6 June 2015 with veteran psychological counsellor Dr Wilfred Wong and clinical psychologist Dr Viviana Cheng speaking about family harmony. During the Smart Parenting session, Dr Wong will explain how parents can maintain good relationships with their children while their needs and behaviour change with an expanding social circle as they mature. The audience will also learn the essentials of parent-child relationships and parents' roles and responsibilities, which help to guide effective communication. This can avoid the parent-child relationship being strained and pave the way for children to live happy lives. The Harmony between Wife and Mother-in-law session will have Dr Cheng talking about fostering communication between daughters and mothers-in-law. It will additionally deal with effective ways of interaction and getting along including the mastery of 'magic words' to break a stalemate and reduce family disputes. Generation gaps can be bridged as a result, benefitting all parties including the husband.

Admission is free but seats are limited. The deadline for registration is 22 May 2015.