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Embrace the advantages of the "two-circular, two-station" routes(A) with member-exclusive access to the NOVO LAND free open-top bus ride and show flat visit

NOVO LAND is a grand new anticipated regional landmark in downtown Tuen Mun by Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP). Being the largest private residential development in the history of Tuen MunB, the project enjoys close proximity to two MTR stations on the Tuen Ma Line and is right on the Northern Metropolis'C doorstep. It ushers in a new era with its innovative ideas and smart technology, aiming to create a Northern European style of living for residents that is blissful and healthy. SHKP Club held a member-exclusive event to showcase the unique advantages of the Development with the free "NOVO LAND Open-Top Bus Ride" and show flat visit activities.

Free ride on the "NOVO LAND Open-Top Bus"

SHKP Club recently hosted a member-exclusive activity whereby members and their loved ones were able to take a free ride through the photo hotspots of Tuen Mun on the "NOVO LAND Open-Top Bus". Along the way, they visited the "Beyond The Dream" Bridge at the Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal promenade and the coastal embankment near the Tuen Mun—Chek Lap Kok Tunnel, known as "the Miami of Hong Kong". They experienced first-hand the Development’s excellent transport links and have embraced the advantages of the new infrastructures and comprehensive facilities in Tuen Mun district. Members responded enthusiastically, filming the scenery along the way from the upper deck of the open-top bus, sharing it with friends and family, and ending the tour with a smile on every face. Please click here to view the highlights of the event.

Feedback from members and their friends and families

"I grew up in Tuen Mun, and many new landmarks have been developed here in recent years. It will be so convenient to travel to and from the airport, the Pearl River Delta and other places!"

"I took part in this activity today with friends who do not live in Tuen Mun district. We planned to take a trip to the area, and my friend and I are very interested in the Development, so I wanted to take this bus ride to learn more about the location, transportation and surrounding facilities of NOVO LAND."

"It's hard to find an open-top bus in the New Territories. I don't live in Tuen Mun district, so I want to know more about this place and visit the different scenic spots on the weekend with my family."

"I live in Tuen Mun with my family and getting around here is really easy. It takes about 15 minutes on the Tuen Ma Line to get to Tsuen Wan West, and less than half an hour to go to places that are slightly farther away, such as East Tsim Sha Tsui. Then there are all the large shopping malls along the line, which makes shopping for me and my family a breeze."

The NOVO LAND Nordic Creative Origami Workshop exclusive for members

In line with NOVO LAND's concept of creating a happy Nordic lifestyle, SHKP Club hosted the NOVO LAND Nordic Creative Origami Workshop at the project show flat. Members and their relatives and friends were invited to create their own 3D origami artworks, including Nordic-style rabbits, sea lions, elephants, tulips and more, under the guidance of a professional tutor from the "Hong Kong Origami Society". Members responded enthusiastically to the event, learning many origami techniques and spending a happy weekend with their loved ones.

Members responded enthusiastically by checking in and sharing opinions via the brand-new show flat interactive digital kiosk

To thank members for their active support for our property activities, SHKP Club recently launched the member-exclusive NOVO LAND show flat activities and offers. Participating members presenting their membership QR code were able to take part in the SHKP Club Self Check-In Reward at the NOVO LAND show flat venue. By using the contactless self-check-in at the digital automatic kiosk, members instantly received a pack of collectible SHKP Club x KMB face masksD in a brand-new gorgeously colourful Northern European-style design, printed with the eight bus routesA newly added to the bus stops on both sides of Yan Po Road outside NOVO LAND's main entrance. SHKP Club is also organising the new Show Flat Viewing Lucky DrawE, giving away a HK$3,800 V city mall gift certificateD each week for 28 consecutive days to thank our members. SHKP Club has also set up a digital kiosk at the show flat to collect members' real-time opinions on the Development and properties online, allowing us to enhance the quality of the Group's products and services. Members who complete the online questionnaire are even able to instantly receive a HK$100 V city mall gift voucherD.

Member-buyer testimonials

SHKP Club member-buyers shared with us their feelings on the success of their property purchases and their views on NOVO LAND. (The contents below are the personal opinions of the interviewees and are for reference only.)

"I believe SHKP will go from strength to strength in the future. This is a large-scale project. There are also many bus routes, and the development will just get better and better. We plan to have children, so we're thrilled to have purchased a home that is suitable for raising a family."

"I have been an SHKP Club member since 2005 and have always loved SHKP properties. I wanted to move in as soon as NOVO LAND was launched. The clubhouse's pool and other facilities are great for kids."

"I live in an aged estate on Hong Kong Island East, so I want to purchase a new property.

NOVO LAND is a large and brand-new residential estate, and the clubhouse is huge too. It is a good environment and a really great place to live."


A Source of new bus routes: District Council's webpage (www.districtcouncils.gov.hk/tm/doc/2020_2023/tc/committee_meetings_doc/ttc/18431/ttc_2020_073.pdf). It is for reference only. The Vendor does not guarantee the accuracy or latest revision of the above URL. Please refer to the relevant authorities for details of the services. Services of the bus routes mentioned above will be provided by third party companies, not by the Vendor. The third party companies have the rights to determine the fees, terms and conditions, operation hours and service period of the above-mentioned services. The provision of such services is subject to the terms in the service contract or any other relevant legal documents. Please refer to the relevant authorities for details of the services. Bus interchange services to be provided by MTR are subject to MTR's terms and conditions. The Vendor does not make any offer, undertaking or warranty, whether expressed or implied, regarding the said services or matters. Prospective purchasers must not rely on this or make any claims against the Vendor.

B The "largest" refers to the private residential development with the largest number of units in the Tuen Mun district. Private residential development does not include the Home Ownership Scheme run by the Housing Authority or private sector participants.

C Source: Northern Metropolis Development Strategy Report website (www.policyaddress.gov.hk/2021/chi/pdf/publications/Northern/Northern-Metropolis-Development-Strategy-Report.pdf). The Vendor does not guarantee the accuracy or latest revision of the above URL. It is for reference only and may be different from the description in this advertisement/promotional material. The above-mentioned information does not constitute and shall not be construed as any offer, representation, undertaking or warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied, on the part of the Vendor.

D The rewards are subject to relevant terms, conditions and restrictions, please refer to the relevant terms and conditions for details. SHKP Club has the absolute discretion to add, remove and/or modify the rewards and their terms and conditions at any time. It also has the right to cancel some or all of such rewards, or impose quantity restrictions without prior notice. The promotion period for the rewards has ended. In case of disputes, the decision of the SHKP Club shall be final and binding. Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited and/or the Vendor (i.e. Pacific Good Investment Limited) are/is not related to such rewards and will not be responsible for any claims in relation thereto.

E Trade Promotion Competition Licence Number of the SHKP Club Members Show Flat Viewing Lucky Draw: 55909. This lucky draw activity has ended.

F This photograph was taken on 13 July 2022 at the modified show flat of Flat A1 on the 18th Floor of Tower 2 of NOVO LAND Phase 1A and processed with computerized imaging techniques. The orientation and design, fittings, finishes, appliances, facilities, furniture, equipment, lightings, art pieces, decorative items, and other items of the modified show flat are not the handover standard of the actual residential units, will not be provided in the actual residential units, and will not be consistent with the handover standard and actual condition of the residential units. The modified show flat is not an indicator of the actual residential units of the Phase of the Development, nor is it an indicator of their actual or final design or condition. Please refer to the sales brochure for the fittings, finishes and appliances to be provided in the actual residential units upon handover.

This advertisement intends to promote the sale of residential properties in Phase 1A and Phase 1B of the Development only.

Name of the Phase of Development: Phase 1A and Phase 1B (the "Phase") of NOVO LAND ("the Development")District: Tuen MunName of the street and the street number of the Phase: 8 Yan Po Road#The website address designated by the Vendor for the Phase: (Phase 1A) www.novoland.com.hk; (Phase 1B) www.novoland1b.com.hkEnquiries: (852) 3119 0008

#The provisional street number is subject to confirmation when Phase 1A and Phase 1B are completed.

The photographs, images, drawings or sketches shown in this advertisement/promotional material represent an artist's impression of the development concerned only. They are not drawn to scale and/or may have been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques. Prospective purchasers should make reference to the sales brochure for details of the development. The Vendor also advises prospective purchasers to conduct on-site visit(s) for a better understanding of the development site, its surrounding environment and the public facilities nearby.

Vendor: Pacific Good Investment Limited|Holding companies of the Vendor: Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, Vast Earn Limited, Peak Harbour Development Ltd|Authorized Person of the Phase: Chan Wan Ming|The firm or corporation of which the Authorized Person of the Phase is a proprietor, director or employee in his or her professional capacity: P&T Architects Limited|Building Contractor of the Phase: Sanfield Engineering Construction Limited|The firm of solicitors acting for the owner in relation to the sale of residential properties in the Phase: Mayer Brown; Woo Kwan Lee & Lo; Sit, Fung, Kwong & Shum|Authorized institution that has made a loan, or has undertaken to provide finance, for the construction of the Phase: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited|Any other person who has made a loan for the construction of the Phase: Sun Hung Kai Properties Holding Investment Limited|The estimated material date of the Phase to the best of the Vendor's knowledge: (Phase 1A) 29 June 2023; (Phase 1B) 30 June 2023 ("Material date" means the date on which the conditions of the land grant are complied with in respect of the Phase. The estimated material date is subject to any extension of time that is permitted under the Agreement for Sale and Purchase.)|Prospective purchasers are advised to refer to the sales brochure for any information on the Phase.|This advertisement is published by the Vendor or with the consent of the Vendor.|Date of Printing: 22 August 2022


Members and their loved ones experienced the geographical advantages of NOVO LAND in-person via the open-top bus ride
NOVO LAND free open-top bus route
Members and their relatives and friends beam with joy as they hold up their handmade origami creations
Members patiently listen to the tutor's making tips and learn origami techniques with their families
Members enthusiastically participated in the SHKP Club Self Check-In Reward
Members actively engaged in exclusive activities at the show flat
The beautifully designed collectible edition SHKP Club x KMB face masks proved popular with members
Modified show flat of Flat A1 on the 18th Floor of Tower 2 of NOVO LAND Phase 1A(F)