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Corporate Social Responsibility

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the Motherland with the world's first limited edition "sky100 x nanoblock Hong Kong Skyline model"

Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) has built many quality homes for Hong Kong citizens over the past half century, actively promoting and participating in the development of Hong Kong, and has always remained confident in Hong Kong. The Group will continue to uphold its long-standing belief in Building Homes with Heart, and continue to help Hong Kong integrate into the national development. To mark the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the Motherland, SHKP has specially launched the world's first limited edition "sky100 x nanoblock Hong Kong Skyline model", which comprises 2,190 micro-sized building blocks to build the many iconic buildings along Victoria Harbour, including the three tallest buildings in Hong Kong developed by SHKP: International Commerce Centre, Two International Finance Centre and Central Plaza.

The limited edition "sky100 x nanoblock Hong Kong Skyline model" is now on exhibition at SHKP's major shopping malls and office buildings, and you can pre-order the model at the sky100 online gift shop, while stocks last. Click here to order now.

Sun Hung Kai Properties Charitable Fund invites an expert to share tips on how to take care of dementia patients

As we age, the brain may undergo normal degeneration or degenerate as a result of disease, which can affect our daily lives in terms of learning, understanding, language use and sense of direction. If elderly people are feeling persistently depressed, or if their emotions and personality suddenly change, it is likely to be an early warning sign of dementia. Early and appropriate treatment can help reduce the risk of complications. Sun Hung Kai Properties Charitable Fund recently made a special invitation to Professor Linda Lam from the Department of Psychiatry of The Chinese University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Medicine to host an eight-episode series of talks on dementia — Living Well with Dementia. Please click the links below to watch these videos and deepen your understanding of dementia and how to take care of patients suffering from this condition.

Episode 1: Dementia Needs Timely Treatment
Episode 2: Is It Normal to Become Forgetful?
Episode 3: Why Aren't Mom and Dad Happy?
Episode 4: Top 3 Tips for Elderly Living
Episode 5: Caregivers Should Take Time for Themselves Three Times a Day
Episode 6: There is Always A Way Out
Episode 7: Making Plans for Later Life — Power of Attorney
Episode 8: Build a Dementia Support Community

SHKP Reading Club

To enable young people to have a better understanding of the history and technology development of Hong Kong over the past 25 years since its return to the Motherland, Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) is launching a series of activities this year to celebrate Hong Kong’s return through SHKP Reading Club’s annual summer programme, Read to Dream. In addition to continuing joining hands with its long-term partners, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and St. James' Settlement, to provide book purchase allowances and a free visit to Hong Kong Book Fair for more than 1,000 underprivileged students, it also co-organised the Read to Dream x Future Engineer Grand Challenge with the Hong Kong STEM Education Alliance, inviting students from secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong to be creative with the theme of using scientific and technological innovation to improve daily lives. Also invited were six experts and well-known faces from the innovation and technology sector to hold the Joy of Reading and Reading for Innovation STEM talk at the Book Fair. SHKP Reading Club is also sponsoring the publication of the Hong Kong Chronicles for Children - HKSAR 25th Anniversary - The Picture Book of Seek-and-Find for Kids, and distributing it free of charge to all primary school students and kindergarteners to share Hong Kong's unique landmarks and stories. Click here for the full recap of the Joy of Reading and Reading for Innovation STEM talk, or click here to view the unique insights of the six experts and celebrities from innovation and technology sector on STEM (both in Chinese only).

SHKP Reading Club's Facebook page: SHKP Reading Club
"Read For More" website (in Chinese only): www.readformore.com

SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation

SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation is focused on talent development in mainland China. Since 2019, it has expanded the scope of its funding for university scholarships and established a pilot project at Zhejiang University, inviting postgraduates from underprivileged families to apply for scholarships, so that aspiring students can devote themselves to high-end scientific research and study in order to give back to the motherland. Entering 2022 and in view of the success of the pilot project, SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation decided to continue to support undergraduate and postgraduate students at Zhejiang University in the new phase of the scholarship programme. Amy Kwok, Executive Director of SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation, said that the Foundation is happy to help Zhejiang University accelerate to become a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, encouraging young people to thrive with all-round development and become high-end talents in all sectors of society.

SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok said the “sky100 x nanoblock Hong Kong Skyline model” was launched for people to enjoy the sense of accomplishment from building Hong Kong with their own hands
At the invitation of the Sun Hung Kai Properties Charitable Fund, Professor Linda Lam hosted an eight-episode video series, called Living Well with Dementia
SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok (front row, sixth from right), attended the Joy of Reading and Reading for Innovation STEM talk at the book fair with experts and well-known faces from the innovation and technology sector. The event attracted more than 100 students, parents and book lovers
SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation and Zhejiang University have worked together for 16 years to cultivate outstanding talents and promote all-round development