Loving Home Newsletter

Spreading respect for seniors in the community

SHKP hosted its fifth annual Poon Choi lunches at Noah's Ark Hong Kong for some 1,700 seniors to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The events were part of the company's Building Homes with Heart Caring Initiative and tradition of sharing festive cheer with the elderly. Additionally, Noah's Ark Hong Kong is running The Ark's Little Doctor—Elderly Care Programme to encourage cross-generational harmony.

Poon Choi lunch as a token of love

The elderly living in North District and Kowloon City were treated to Poon Choi lunches on two successive Sundays in March. Seniors from different NGOs liven up the events with variety shows featuring Biangu (flat drum) drumming, dragon boat dance, tai chi fan routine, Qinqin (plucked Chinese lute) performance, stick dancing, rhythmic gymnastics and singing. Some of the elderly live alone and seldom go out or travel far, so getting together with other seniors from their neighbourhoods at scenic Noah's Ark offers them companionship. SHKP also delivered lucky bags containing vacuum flasks, staple foods, medicines and wool neck warmers to make seniors feel they are cared for.

Cultivating children's respect for seniors

Most seniors worked hard when they were young to contribute to society, and it was their years of knowledge and labour that laid the foundations for Hong Kong's prosperity. Noah's Ark Hong Kong is running The Ark's Little Doctor—Elderly Care Programme to help with Hong Kong's aging population. The programme will have volunteer child ambassadors participating in activities for seniors like guided tours, photo sessions and eco-awareness workshops, as well as celebrating Grandparents' Day to cultivate children's respect for the elderly in the caring spirit of Noah's Ark. Enrolment begins and 300 children aged one to six will join as The Ark's Little Doctors this year to serve more than 5,000 seniors. See the Noah's Ark website (www.noahsark.com.hk) for details.

Seniors tuck into the Poon Choi
SHKP Executive Director Adam Kwok (right) and Elderly Commission member Timothy Ma at the The Ark's Little Doctor programme kick-off ceremony