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Members learn to make their own Leather Stay Safe Kits online to express care

SHKP Club's online themed workshops have proven to be firm favourites among members. We recently presented the DIY Leather Stay Safe Kit Online Workshop exclusively for Star Members. Using the online platform, the professional tutor guided members on how to use Italian tanned leather, waxed thread and nylon line to create leather mask holders and hand sanitizer holders. With the hand gel from the popular houseware brand Francfranc, members were able to present tailor-made anti-pandemic kits to their loved ones.

Tailor-made leather goods that are sophisticated, practical and thoughtful

The leather chosen for this workshop was thick and durable, and patterns or text could be engraved onto the surface. We specially arranged for members to select their own letters or words in advance, so that they could express their blessings and special wishes to their loved ones, making it a gift that is both thoughtful and practical. Through the live broadcast and step-by-step demonstration, members and their children learnt the making tips together. They actively asked questions and interacted with the tutor not only to further their understanding of how to create leather goods, but also to bring out the spirit of Loving Home Learning Together. Please click here to view the full tutorial video. You can also visit Francfranc at SHKP's HomeSquare for more healthcare and disinfection products and unique home furniture.

We have specially summarised different tips and methods for maintaining the finished products:

Q: What should be the focus when making the leather mask holders and hand sanitizer holders?
A: The mask holder is bound together using nylon line. When tying the line, make sure you tie a strong knot. The removable film inside the holder can be taken out and cleaned with alcohol. When sewing together the hand sanitizer holder, pull the waxed thread and tighten it slightly after each needle step to keep the sewing thread smooth. Once it is sewn together, use a lighter to gently singe the ends of the thread to prevent them from loosening and to keep it looking nice and smooth.

Q: How do we maintain and take care of the finished product?
A: Apply special cleaner and mink oil to the leather surface regularly to remove stains and replenish oils in the leather product, keeping it shiny and soft. Before applying, use a dry cloth to wipe off dust and particles from the surface of the leather to avoid them affecting cleaning and care. Remember to gently rub the mink oil in a circular motion to allow the leather to absorb the oil evenly. Do not use alcohol to clean the leather, otherwise the leather will become bleached. If necessary, use a mildew spray to avoid moisture and mildew on the leather.

Below are some of the members' comments on their creations and the workshop:

"I found this an attractive theme for a workshop. The product is suitable for everyday use, and the steps were simple and easy to understand. The product looks good and is practical too. Mine has my name and my family's names engraved on it, so we can all enjoy it together. "
By Tam Yuen-chiu (Star Member)

"Beautiful and functional, this product is a must have when you're out and about. The tutor explained everything very carefully, paid close attention to our progress, and patiently answered all our questions. "
By Keung Chi-man (Star Member)

"The Leather Stay Safe Kit is made of high-quality materials. Engraving my English name onto it gave it a personal touch, and having it reminds me to pay attention to personal hygiene. The tutor communicated excellently with us students, clearly explaining each stage and giving key tips. "
By Leung Pui-yee (Star Member)

"I found the theme of making leather goods very appealing. The finished product is practical and looks good too, and the leather is of good quality. I will take it with me everywhere I go. "
By Lee Kam-wing (Star Member)

"The tutor was well prepared and gave a clear demonstration. My husband's initials are engraved on the product, and my children and I gave it to him as a Father's Day gift. He absolutely loved this unique gift. "
By Tso Lai-fan (Star Member)

"I was very happy with the workshop. The crafting tools were prepared and ready and the parts were pre-cut, making it easier and more convenient when it came to learning how to sew it all together. The colours of the leather were very appealing, allowing us to create stylish products. I engraved our family surname onto mine, wishing my family peace and health. "
By Hui Shun-yan (Star Member)

I was glad to take part in this workshop, as I've been looking forward to having a leather hand sanitizer holder for a long time! The finished products have mine and my husband's names engraved on them, showing that the two of us are always in each other's hearts.
By Leung Siu-chun Janny (Star Member)

"The words 'Never Stops' on my product mean that we must never give up, no matter what. The kit was received in advance, allowing me to learn about the workshop before it took place using the instruction manual. "
By Cheung Wan-ching (Star Member)

Address of Francfranc: Shop 110-112, L1, HomeSquare

The tutors carefully explained and demonstrated the leather crafting techniques to members
Work from Tam Yuen-chiu (Star Member)
Work from Keung Chi-man (Star Member)
Work from Leung Pui-yee (Star Member)
Work from Lee Kam-wing (Star Member)
Work from Tso Lai-fun (Star Member)
Work from Hui Shun-yan (Star Member)
Work from Leung Siu-chun Janny (Star Member)
Work from Cheung Wan-ching (Star Member)