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Art washes over Victoria Harbour

ICC Light and Music Show is a special treat for the people of Hong Kong and visitors with its wide range of creative displays. This year, a new seasonal episode involves another collaboration with Art Basel to show creations by an international artist full of captivating scenes blending music and animation.

A wave of nostalgia

Internationally renowned artist Cao Fei produced a work called Same Old, Brand New for SHKP that is being presented during the Art Basel exhibition in March and through April and May. Video games have long been a staple to popular and youth culture, and Cao Fei has taken inspiration from 1980s games for the Same Old, Brand New animation lighting up facades of International Commerce Centre (ICC). It will bring back memories of many viewers and give them a taste of Cao's whimsical interpretation. Noted composer Dickson Dee wrote a score for the show that makes the audio-visual extravaganza even more spectacular.

New look for an office buildings

ICC is Hong Kong's tallest building and the facades are illuminated by changing images in white at night to make it more prominent on the Victoria Harbour skyline and give a boost to the city. Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Retail Marketing and Customer Relations General Manager Cris Fung said: "We try to play a variety of works combing music and animation on ICC's five-million-square-foot outdoor screen to create art in harmony with an urban setting." Producing the ICC Light and Music Show requires a lot of efforts, with the production process from conceptual framework and sketches to production and testing usually taking more than two months.

Additionally, SHKP and the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong collaborated on an Open Sky Campus initiative, which is meant to support art and cultural development and nurture talented individuals by encouraging students to show their creativity. SHKP and the media school will have another Open Sky Campus later this year, allowing more budding artists to put their work on public display in the territory.

Mobile app for greater appreciation

Same Old, Brand New is playing daily at 7:20pm, 8:10pm and 9:00pm until the end of May. P3 and P4 public terraces of ifc mall have advanced audio equipment broadcasting synchronized music and are the best places to view the show. You can also download the ICC Light and Music Show smartphone app to get the soundtrack while watching the show along the shores of Victoria Harbour. Video of Same Old, Brand New is now available on the SHKP Club website.

Scan the QR code to download the ICC Light and Music Show app to a smartphone.

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