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TOWNPLACE shares economic benefits with start-ups and local shops, bringing exclusive leasing privileges to members*

As the pandemic slowed and stabilised, the professional Community Team of TOWNPLACE, Sun Hung Kai Properties' (SHKP's) residential leasing brand, implemented its philosophy of "sharing economic benefits" by resuming offline events for residents (TOWNERs), linking start-up TOWNERs with local shops and businesses in TOWNPLACE SOHO and TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN's neighbourhood. SHKP Club members can even enjoy exclusive leasing privileges* at the two TOWNPLACE projects and receive SHKP Mall Gift Certificates*.

Embrace the interactive concept of TOWNPLACE Community to enhance the taste of finer life

TOWNPLACE, which is highly sought after by young millennials and expatriates, has formed a resident-exclusive Community Team made up of new generations dedicated to building trusted and friendly relationships with TOWNERs. For example, it remains closely connected both online and offline to TOWNERs via the TOWNPLACE mobile app. It provides close support and has hosted events like online yoga and fitness classes during the pandemic, using flexible ways to encourage TOWNERs to relax through exercise, and proactively helping TOWNERs build an exclusive network in the TOWNPLACE Community. Activities have included working with florists, coffee shops and bars close to TOWNPLACE SOHO and TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN, and inviting TOWNERs to join in with event planning, hosting limited flower shows and wine tasting events, and promoting local coffee shops, as well as holding Quizzy Nights, which are always a favourite of foreign residents. By implementing the pioneering concept of "one brand, two locations", the residential experience of TOWNERs living across the two sites is enriched while the business of small shops gets a boost, bringing a win-win situation where both TOWNERs and small shops can enjoy the economic benefits.

TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN residential units cater to long-term rental needs

The two TOWNPLACE properties are located in Central and Kennedy Town. Both TOWNPLACE SOHO and TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN residents can enjoy the full services and facilities of the Duo Social Spaces across the two developments, such as the swimming pool and gym at TOWNPLACE SOHO, and the barbecue area and Sundeck at TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN, making nearly 30,000 square feet in total. TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN now offers Unfurnished Apartments for year-round long-term rental. Please click here for the virtual viewing service, and click here for leasing details and to make a reservation for visiting show flats.

Exclusive leasing privileges* for SHKP Club members

From now until 30 June 2022, SHKP Club members who sign a lease on a Residential Apartment at TOWNPLACE SOHO or TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN for 14 months or more, will have a chance to receive SHKP Mall Gift Certificates worth HK$3,000*. Members who sign a lease on a Serviced Apartment at the aforementioned projects for 6 months or more, also have the opportunity to receive SHKP Mall Gift Certificates worth HK$1,000*. Please click here for details, terms and conditions.

*Subject to terms and conditions


Address of TOWNPLACE SOHO: 18 Caine Road, Central
Address of TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN: 97 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town
Website: townplace.com.hk
Phone call, WhatsApp or WeChat: (852) 7073 3300
Instagram: townplacehk

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