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Royal Plaza Hotel presents the finest Cantonese cuisine and SHKP Club members enjoy exclusive Go Royal points offer*

Royal Plaza Hotel, situated next to MTR Mong Kok East Station, showcases the Chinese restaurants Di King Heen and Lion Rock,a brand new dining concept restaurant rooted in exquisite Cantonese-Sichuan-mixed handcrafting delicacies. SHKP Club members can even exclusively enjoy Go Royal hotel membership programme points offers* during promotion period.

Star-rated chefs share the essence of award-winning Cantonese cuisine

Di King Heen has won awards in various major cooking competitions, and SHKP Club has specially invited Chef Ricky Kong, Area Chinese Culinary Director of Royal Plaza Hotel, to share the recipe and cooking tips of the nutritious and aromatic signature award-winning dish Drunken Rooster with Club members, so that they can follow the steps and surprise their families with this delicious dish. You can also visit Di King Heen to taste the delicacies exquisitely prepared by Chef Kong and the Chinese culinary team, such as Halibut Trio and Sautéed Jumbo Tiger Prawn with Cream Peppercorn Sauce. Or you can try the Chinese Omakase Set Menu at Lion Rock, using ingredients around the world with creativity. The chef will also cook the dishes on the spot for your enjoyment, presenting a spectacular dining experience.

Drunken Rooster
Lung Guang Chicken
Glutinous rice wine
Chinese red dates
Half a teaspoon
Wood ear
Half a teaspoon
Lotus seeds
Light soy sauce
Half a teaspoon
Fresh lily bulbs
Oyster sauce
One teaspoon
Chinese kale
Thinly sliced ginger
Shredded spring onion stalks
Potato starch
As much as needed
  1. Wash the fresh chicken, drain it thoroughly and remove the bones. Add the ginger, spring onions, glutinous rice wine, salt, sugar, light soy sauce and potato starch, and marinate for 30 minutes

  2. Pan-fry the chicken in the boiling oil to get a brown crust. Then add the Chinese red dates, wood ear, lotus seeds, ginger, spring onions, glutinous rice wine, broth, salt, oyster sauce and sugar, and cook on a low heat for 10 minutes. Add the fresh lily bulbs and Chinese kale, and boil for 3 minutes until the sauce turns creamy.

  3. Place the Chinese red dates, wood ear, lotus seeds, fresh lily bulbs, Chinese kale and ginger slices into a bamboo steamer. Then slice the chicken into pieces and place into the steamer along with the shredded spring onions, and you're done

Chef's tips
  • When buying a Lung Guang Chicken, look for feathers with a smooth and glossy colour. The chicken breast and back should be thick and rounded, showing that the meat is rich and fatty

  • Adding glutinous rice wine increases appetite, softens the meat and brings out the delicate flavour

  • Cook the chicken first and slice it. Pan-fry the chicken in the hot oil to get a brown crust to lock the juices in

  • You can also add fish maw to enhance the nutritional value of the dish

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Enquiries / Reservation
Di King Heen: (852) 2622 6161
LION ROCK: (852) 2622 6088
Address: 3rd floor, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok (MTR Mong Kok East Station Exit D)
Facebook: Royal Plaza Hotel
Instagram: royalplazahotel

Chef Ricky Kong, Area Chinese Culinary Director of Royal Plaza Hotel, shares the recipe of the awarded dish ‘Drunken Rooster’