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A wonderful sofa makes a happy home

"Practicality should be the first consideration in choosing a sofa," says Galleria Divani founder and chief designer Kelvin Ng. He was the first Chinese designer from Hong Kong to receive three Pinnacle Awards from the American Society of Furniture Designers.

Parents and children to spend family time together

A happy family should have a comfortable sofa, as it allows the whole family to spend long sessions of joyous times together. Sofa types and designs vary widely, but Kelvin says that the home setting is most important when choosing. For example, Japanese-style fabric sofas are good for small families because they're affordable and have compact, minimalist designs, and customers can choose from a broad range of fabric textures and patterns.

Kelvin suggests large leather sofas for families in bigger homes, especially chaise sectionals. He explains: "Dad may sit upright, Mum may sit relaxedly and the children might like to recline and chill out – a chaise sectional accommodates all these and lets family members communicate in comfort. In a sense, a sofa may help facilitate parent-child interaction."

Thoughtful, human designs

Kelvin says that designers once favoured using cool materials like metals and glass to match the grey and blue tones that were popular at the time, but now there is a gradual style renaissance of wooden furniture. New technology means that modern sofas are designed with humanized elements including smart features and electronic footrests, while back pillows can be adjusted to different angles to accommodate a variety of postures. The basic look of sofas also changes in the course of time. A typical example is putting in simple tufting which helps to reduce wrinkles and keep the leather smooth. Leather comes in different colours to suit personal preference and family style. If you are into home décor, why not download the HomeSquare app and create an ideal home with your favourite furniture and housewares?

Acknowledgements: HomeSquare and Galleria Divana at HomeSquare in Sha Tin
HomeSquare website: www.homesquare.com.hk

Noted sofa designer Kelvin Ng explains how to choose a good sofa
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Leathers in different colours to match the home setting
Clever design with tufting to reduce wrinkles
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