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The handmade hanging plant decoration online workshop helps members add greenery to their homes

SHKP Club's online themed workshops have received enthusiastic responses from members since the launch. The Club recently presented the DIY Air Plant Decoration Online Workshop exclusively for Star Members. Using the online platform, the professional tutor guided members to assemble a geometric support bracket housing air plants such as Tillandsia Stricta or Tillandsia Ionantha Druid. With the ingeniously designed wall hooks from the popular houseware brand HOMELESS, unique hanging home plant decorations are created to liven up the home.

Easily create a refreshing space at home

The framed plants demonstrated in this workshop are easy to take care of as they do not require soil or hydroponics, and their leaves grow after absorbing moisture from the air. This makes it easy to add greenery to the home and enhance quality of living. The participants can draw patterns or write their own words on the wooden frame using marker pens to make the work more distinctive, or present it as a gift for family. Through the live broadcast and step-by-step demonstration, members and their children learnt the making tips together and acquired more knowledge on cultivating air plants. They actively asked questions and interacted with the tutor to bring out the spirit of Loving Home Learning Together. Please click here to view the full tutorial video. You can also shop for more tasteful homeware to beautify your home by visiting HOMELESS at SHKP's HomeSquare.

We have specially summarised different tips and methods for maintaining the finished products:

Q: What should be the focus when assembling the air plant decoration?
A: Waxed hemp thread is used to give outline to the support bracket. The surface of this thread is smooth and easy to clean. We interwove the thread in a straight-and-back manner and at diagonal angles, forming a flexible net that could hold the air plant steady, while also enhancing the 3D feel of the work. Glue and nails can be applied to affix the structure throughout the decoration. Remember to wait until all the glue on the wooden frame is completely dry before putting an air plant into it.

Q: How do we maintain and take care of the finished product?
A: Air plants are evergreen for most of the year, and colour changes will occur during flowering. It is recommended to place the work on a balcony or beside a window where it can be close to sunlight. The plants generally last for 3 to 5 years. Good ventilation is key to the healthy growth of air plants. A lack of air circulation can cause excess moisture in the leaves to evaporate or be carried away by the air, causing the plant to wither. Remember not to prune the leaves and to allow them to fall off naturally so as to avoid the whole plant dying. Water with a watering can to evenly wet the leaves once every two or three days to a week, and avoid over-watering. Regularly wipe the wooden frame gently with a dry cloth to get rid of surface dust.

Below are some of the members' comments on their creations and the workshop:

"Adding greenery to our home can brighten our mood when we are staying at home to fight the pandemic. Our family likes to grow herbs on our balcony, which can be enjoyed and added to different dishes to make them more delicious. Learning online allows me to try new things without leaving my home. I put my finished work in the living room to remind myself and my family to not just watch TV, but also to relax our eyes by looking at greenery. "
By Lo Oi-yan (Star Member)

"With more time spent at home due to the pandemic, especially for our families about to welcome a new baby, the home environment is more important now. Adding greenery to the home can create a soothing atmosphere. SHKP's residential units come with terraces that are ideal for potted plants, allowing residents to create their own small home gardens. With the materials pack provided by SHKP Club, it is simple to join the online workshop and have a fun time at home during the pandemic. I will place my air plant pot decoration in my child's room so he can enjoy the fresh air."
By Au Wing-nam Judith (Star Member)

"I will add greenery to my home with potted plants and flowers on my window sill. This will brighten up my home environment, create a sense of comfort and relieve eye fatigue while I work from home. Potting them will also help reduce stress, so it will bring all kinds of benefits! This work will be placed near the window in my living room as a decoration. I was very satisfied with the tutor's patient explanations and careful demonstration of each step."
By Kung Mei-lam Catherine (Star Member)

"Adding greenery can improve the air quality in our home, brighten up the home environment, and teach children how to take care of plants. It is a good idea to start by growing plants that don't need so much water or sunlight. I do not usually come across air plants, so this workshop has broadened my horizons. I love the design of the work that can be hung on the wall or in the air. My living room has a feature wall hung with various photos taken during our lives, and the finished work will hang here to add some green delight to the home atmosphere!"
By Ko Ka-chun (Star Member)

"A home with greenery makes us feel good and relaxed. I like to plant spider plants and chinaberry trees as they do not need much looking after and they keep mosquitoes and insects away. I will place the air plant in a visible place in my home so that my family can feel happy whenever they see it. The tutor clearly explained the various techniques and I thank SHKP Club for carefully posting the materials in advance to participating members. This made the online learning experience even easier."
By Chui Man-yee Ruby (Star Member)

"Green plants help us to relax during the pandemic. Adding greenery to the study can turn stress into motivation. I use my terrace to grow sunflowers and ox-eye daisies to brighten up my home, as well as natural mosquito repellent country borage, thyme and rosemary for cooking. I am thrilled to have learned new things and discovered a new interest through this online workshop. The finished work will be hung on the wall to decorate the living room, and I am satisfied with every detailed arrangement organised by SHKP Club."
By Tai Kit-sze (Star Member)

"My home gives me support and warmth, and is my safe haven. We have been fighting the pandemic at home for a long time and having a beautiful home with greenery gives me positive energy! I have pots with flowering plants such as roses, jasmine and Christmas cacti on the terrace. When they bloom, I snip off a few petals to decorate the dining table. I love the way this workshop is hosted online, as it makes it simple and convenient. This air plant breathes new life to the living room windowsill where it can easily absorb sunlight."
By Leung Wing-hang (Star Member)

"Growing an array of green plants in the home freshens the air and helps to relieve the stress of fighting the pandemic at home. We can make good use of the space on windowsills and the terrace to display all kinds of potted plants. Relieve eye fatigue by having more plants in the home while we are fighting the pandemic. I will decorate my living room with the finished work to add vitality to my home. The tutor was professional and I found the tips on how to take care of the air plant really helpful!"
By Chan Yee-cheung (Star Member)

Address of HOMELESS: Shop 105-107, L1, HomeSquare

The tutor carefully explained to members the steps for making an air plant decoration
Work from Lo Oi-yan (Star Member)
Work from Au Wing-nam Judith (Star Member)
Work from Kung Mei-lam Catherine (Star Member)
Work from Ko Ka-chun (Star Member)
Work from Chui Man-yee Ruby (Star Member)
Work from Tai Kit-sze (Star Member)
Work from Leung Wing-hang (Star Member)
Work from Chan Yee-cheung (Star Member)