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SHKP fully supports Hong Kong's anti-pandemic work

Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) has spared no effort to support the HKSAR government's fight against the pandemic, in response to the changing pandemic situation in Hong Kong. Initiatives include the lending for free of two sites for the construction of quarantine and treatment facilities, building a 5G network at full speed for 10 community quarantine treatment sites, opening up commercial space to support the vaccine rollout, providing further supplies to help fight the pandemic, and arranging for its hotels to participate in the Community Isolation Facility (CIF) Hotel Scheme. The Hong Kong River Trade Terminal (RTT), jointly owned by SHKP, is also fully supporting the fast delivery of anti-pandemic goods to Hong Kong. Hong Yip Service Company Ltd (Hong Yip) and Kai Shing Management Services Limited (Kai Shing), both subsidiaries of SHKP, have also assisted in delivering anti-pandemic supplies collected from the community to needy households. With the needs of citizens firmly in mind, we look forward to an early victory against the pandemic in Hong Kong and the restoration of normal operations.

Constructing quarantine and treatment facilities on land lent for free

To help Hong Kong fight the pandemic, SHKP has lent for free a total of about 1.4 million square feet of land located in Tam Mi, Yuen Long, and at the site of the former San Tin Shopping City, which is jointly owned by SHKP and Henderson Land Development Company Limited, upon which the government has quickly built temporary quarantine and treatment facilities. SmarTone, a subsidiary of SHKP, has completed 5G network infrastructure projects at the aforementioned locations, including the construction of 5G base stations, antennas, fibre/microwave transmission networks etc., so that healthcare workers and citizens who require quarantine can stay in touch with their families, friends and communities at all times. SHKP's YATA Department Store also sent 20,000 packs of anti-pandemic supplies containing healthy snacks, instant noodles, cakes, and powder drinks to Tam Mi and San Tin to support people in quarantine.

Providing commercial space to support the government's anti-pandemic measures

Focusing on citizens' urgent need for vaccination and quarantine, office space at Landmark North and Millennium City 5 in Kwun Tong was provided for free as community vaccination centres, and hotels were arranged to participate in the CIF Hotel Scheme. In addition, SHKP's key properties (including residential, industrial and office buildings) broadcast the government's "vaccine pass" promotional video. The video is also uploaded to SHKP's property management mobile apps "SoProp" and "Live e-asy", which are being used by hundreds of thousands of residents. These initiatives help facilitate a better understanding of the latest policies and a smooth implementation of the "vaccine pass" scheme. The Group is also displaying a supporting slogan, "joining hands to fight COVID", every night on the façades of Hong Kong's tallest building - the International Commerce Centre - to encourage people from all walks of life to come together to combat the pandemic.

Donating anti-pandemic supplies to help alleviate the pressure

To help alleviate the intermittent shortage of anti-pandemic supplies, the RTT, jointly owned by SHKP, is fully committed to accelerating the arrival of supplies to Hong Kong as quickly as possible. SHKP has also donated over HK$15 million in supplies to support frontline anti-pandemic workers, the underprivileged and the Group's employees to address pressing needs, and provided 25 additional intelligent medical disinfection robots to the Hospital Authority (HA) for use in public hospitals and clinics. Recognising the anti-pandemic needs of people at home, the property management companies Hong Yip and Kai Shing have made the best of their resources to support the distribution of anti-pandemic supplies and daily necessities to needy households. The supplies include continuous support provided by the Central Government and those collected by the Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus. In addition, SHKP has given out 15,000 complimentary tickets to sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and Noah's Ark Hong Kong to families admitted to the six CIFs, hoping a tour to Hong Kong's famous attractions will help lift their spirits after their stay in the CIF.

SmarTone's engineering team is carrying out 5G network infrastructure work on the sites at Tam Mi in Yuen Long and San Tin to provide communication network support for people in quarantine
Chief Executive of the HKSAR Carrie Lam (fourth left), Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong SAR Tan Tieniu (fourth right), the then Chief Secretary for Administration John Lee (third right), Secretary for Development Michael Wong (first left), Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung (second right), Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan (second left), SHKP Executive Director Adam Kwok (third left) and Director of Public Affairs Lee Luen-fai (first right) attend the handover ceremony of the Tam Mi Community Isolation Facility
The Landmark North community vaccination centre has a gross floor area of about 10,000 square feet
The RTT facilitates the arrival of goods from the Mainland to Hong Kong in a timely and orderly manner
Anti-pandemic packs of the Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus contain COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits, Chinese medicine and other anti-pandemic necessities, as well as food items, partly donated by SHKP