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SHKP Reading Club

SHKP Reading Club encourages everyone to take up a daily reading habit by featuring articles in the Interviews and Daily Living sessions on the Read for More online reading platform: Chua Lam, the octogenarian food expert, said peace of mind leads to a relaxed way of life, and that good health comes from living happily and naturally. Before he became a Buddhist monk, Venerable Chang Lin worked as a professional photographer. He believed that sticking to the rules would only restrict creativity, and that even if he made a mistake when developing film, he could still get a good result. Working from home for a long time can easily lead to digital burnout, and moving regularly can be helpful to relieve discomfort. While smartphone dating apps can lead to great relationships, you need to keep your wits about you so as not to slip into the gambler's fallacy.

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"Read For More" website (in Chinese only): www.readformore.com

SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation

Although Hong Kong has been hit by a new wave of the pandemic in recent months, all charitable projects run by SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation continue unabated. The Foundation maintains close ties with the various grantees and students to ensure that scholarships and bursaries are paid on schedule by combining online and offline methods, such as the selection and evaluation of projects, so as to avoid placing financial burdens on economically challenged students. Alumni associations and community service groups established by scholarship students from various schools also actively carry out extra-curricular activities, in particular community welfare and volunteering work, with a view to passing on the torch from generation to generation. Amy Kwok, Executive Director of SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation, expressed her pleasure at the upbeat and positive attitude of the scholarship students, noting that the Foundation will continue to shoulder its corporate responsibilities and give back to society at this critical time.

SHKP Reading Club
The pandemic has not stopped SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation from launching scholarships, online interviews and other projects, and the alumni associations established by scholarship students also serve the community with extra-curricular activities