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Grand Waterfront residential project to be offered in Dongguan

SHKP is developing the Grand Waterfront residential project in the core of a new town district in Shilong, Dongguan by phases. The first phase of over 700 units will go on the market soon, with an exhibition hall and show flats expected to open in the first half of the year to offer potential buyers information about the project.

An hour to travel within the Pearl River Delta

Grand Waterfront is only a few minutes away from the new Dongguan rail station and Shilong R2 line metro station, and 25 minutes from Guangzhou East rail station. The R2 Dongguan metro line runs through busy business districts such as Dongcheng and Nancheng, while future express trains will travel all the way to Hung Hom in Hong Kong and arrive at Lo Wu in 45 minutes. The convenience will mean that residents can easily travel between Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in an hour while enjoying quality living.

Enjoy leisure riverside living

Shilong is in a prime area of Dongguan with Dongjiang meandering through and was once called the best town in the world to live in. The Grand Waterfront project includes a one-km terraced riverside promenade that will let residents enjoy magnificent river views at leisure. The project will also have a lush garden of around 1.5 hectares, and will be up to 36% greenery. Making the natural landscape part of daily living will let residents enjoy a comfortable, relaxing lifestyle. The area around the project has comprehensive community amenities like a business area, swimming pool, sports ground, kindergartens and more.

Spacious, comfortable units

The landmark Grand Waterfront project is by Dongjiang and the Sand River and will have residential towers rising to about 130 metres. The special design has most units facing south with splendid views of Dongjiang overlooking the convergence of the two waterways. There will be more than 700 river view units in the first phase, ranging from 78 to 360 square metres (840 to 3,870 square feet) with two to five bedrooms in practical layouts to suit residents' needs.

Grand Waterfront
Address: New Town District, Shilong Town, Dongguan
Enquiries: (86769) 8688 8800 (Dongguan)

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Grand Waterfront residential project in Shilong, Dongguan by SHKP (computer generated)
Outdoor pool in the development (computer generated)
Residents can have a relaxing stroll along the riverside promenade at their leisure (computer generated)
A business area nearby to look after residents' daily needs (computer generated)
Spectacular view of the Grand Waterfront central park (computer generated)
Garden entrance (computer generated)