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SHKP Reading Club opens new doors

Reading is part of daily life and a significant online activity. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has even encouraged netizens to share their reading experience, calling 2015 A Year of Books. The SHKP Reading Club, on the other hand, strives to promote reading for pleasure to a wider audience and has begun new community initiatives to further this goal.

New projects boost reading culture

The Club's five new reading-related campaigns for different stakeholders in the community are the Explore the World cultural exchange gatherings for local youth and exchange students from abroad, a Read and Share reward scheme for primary students, the Let's Read, Elderly online reading programme, Recycle your Read book-sharing scheme for the general public and the Read through Hong Kong guided cultural tours for the underprivileged. These campaigns are meant to create a deeper culture of reading across Hong Kong's various communities. 

Stand tall at 30 and chase dreams

The SHKP Reading Club recently had a seminar with four speakers who followed their dreams at around 30 and realized success. Organic We founder Kaya Kwok, The Alchemist Café Bistro proprietor Dylan Leung, Principal Chan Free Tutorial World head Chan Hung and social enterprise Diamond Cab founder Doris Leung talked about how reading gave them the inspiration to follow their dreams. The Club gave books to members who brought their own seating mats to the seminar to encourage environmentally friendly practices.

Young writers set to bloom

The Club announced 25 finalists in its fifth Young Writers' Debut Competition out of more than 2,000 entries. The finalists are from Hong Kong, the mainland and Taiwan, and the youngest is a 13 year old Taiwanese student. The entries covered a wide range of themes with vignettes about seemingly trivial things like train tickets, post cards and open wet markets. Others explore more serious issues like human-animal relationships and love. The judges will give the finalists individual coaching and then select ten winners who will have their works published in traditional and simplified Chinese versions for distribution in Hong Kong, Macau, the mainland and Taiwan (with one traditional version for Hong Kong and Macau and another for Taiwan). The winners will receive publishing contracts and royalties.

SHKP Reading Club
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SHKP Reading Club invited four guests to share how reading helped realize their dreams
Young Writers' Debut Competitions have helped 33 young authors get into print