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Travel back in time at Noah's Ark Hong Kong

Children may have seen Hong Kong from the 60s and 70s in newspapers or on the Internet, but they don’t know the real things, environment and simple feeling that were once unique to Hong Kong. Chinese New Year Fun – Discover Old Hong Kong special theme events at Noah's Ark Hong Kong will lead children through history and give people memories of old Hong Kong.

Revel in Old Hong Kong Feelings

Art characterizing local sentiment often stirs a nostalgic note. The fun-filled street scenes of the 60s and 70s at Noah's Ark puzzle visitors with their concepts of space and time. Families can talk and relate stories of the old days while taking pictures and selfies to capture wonderful moments. There is a master clay sculptor welcoming children at the Little Miniature Art Workshop, teaching how to make miniature models of Hong Kong-style pastries – a real challenge to children’s hand-eye coordination. Artistic types can take part in Creative Ink-and-Wash Painting, producing unique art by blowing instead of painting with brushes. Noah’s Ark has also organized Smart and Fun Kid's Money Management to inspire children's sense of financial planning through different scenarios and interactive games, and they can design their own piggy banks. Junior master chefs who love cooking can try Cute and Sweet Animal-themed Treats, as panda-shaped dumplings will bring sweet Chinese New Year happiness to the whole family!


  • Special Chinese New Year events will be held from 14 February to 1 March 2015 (except 16-18 February).

  • Visitors aged 11 and below who purchase / redeem tickets at the Noah's Ark Main Entrance ticket office, Noah's Ark website or MOKO Shopping Mall Customer Care Center in Mong Kok can get a passport to special Chinese New Year Fun – Discover Old Hong Kong events for free (additional fee for Cute and Sweet Animal-themed Treats). Visitors are welcome to take photos in Nostalgic Hong Kong Scenes at no extra cost.

  • Pictures are representative only – actual event arrangements may differ.

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Old-style transport and traffic kiosk evoke memories
Children make art by blowing straws
Guides dressed as fisherman teach children about the old life in Ma Wan
Making panda-shaped dumplings with a hotel chef