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Welcome the Year of the Goat with a New Year Delicacy

Tofu was once likened to lamb because of its soft, white texture and high nutrition, leading to the nickname 'little lamb'. The Year of the Goat is approaching and Tze Yuet Heen Outlet Chef Ringo Ng has created a succulent Chinese New Year dish with tofu, Jinhua ham and seasonal delicacy turnip pudding. Here we offer the 'Lucky Dish for Year of the Goat' recipe and wish all members a joyful New Year!

Choice Turnip Pudding for Better Taste

Chef Ng offers turnip pudding with black truffle and preserved meat, which is new at Tze Yuet Heen, as an ingredient for the demonstration. It is made with rare black truffles, prime dried Japanese scallops, select dried Thai shrimps, seasonal turnip and savoury lean Chinese sausage, for an essential delicacy to celebrate the happy festival. The rich black truffle flavour leaves a wonderful aftertaste on the palate.

Lucky Dish for Year of the Goat

Ingredients (serves four)

Jinhua ham 8 slices
Tofu (to steam and boil) 8 pieces
Turnip pudding with black truffle and preserved meat 8 slices
Yellow rock sugar 70 grams
Choy sum 8 pieces
Salt A dash according to taste
Water 70 cc
Gravy ingredients
Corn starch A dash
Sugar 1/2 teaspoon
Chicken broth 140 cc
  1. Cut the turnip pudding, ham and tofu into squares of the same size.

  2. Wash and boil the choy sum then set aside.

  3. Boil water in a wok and add sugar. Turn off heat when the sugar melts and soak ham in the hot water until soft.

  4. Lightly salt the tofu slices and place ham on top. Steam on high heat for about a minute then set aside.

  5. Sautee turnip pudding until dry.

  6. Put the turnip pudding on top of the ham and cook for two minutes. Arrange the tofu, ham and turnip for serving.

  7. Make a gravy of chicken broth, corn starch and sugar and coat the tofu, ham and turnip, then garnish the plate with choy sum.

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Lucky Dish for Year of the Goat
Tze Yuet Heen outlet chef Ringo Ng at the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East