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Loving Home and Capture the Noteworthy Moments in Tung Chung series cherish family love

Meandering around the countryside with your loved ones is a good way to relieve stress. In view of this, the SHKP Club has recently organized a Loving Home and Capture the Noteworthy Moments series, which comprises a hike in Tung Chung, a sharing session and a photo contest. Members came to realize the importance of leading their life with enthusiasm and creating pleasurable moments with their loved ones; taking a break and gearing up for other challenges; and paying attention to their surroundings to discover moments of love. Members were encouraged to crystalize these lively moments of love. The Club is also keen to encourage the cultivation of family love.

Love is there to seek, discover and preserve

The trio of events started with a Hiking Trip to Tung Chung for Star Members which enabled the participants to enjoy a cool, sunny day with their families and friends in the nature. They took in the historic Hau Wong Temple, as well as the mudflat and mangroves along Tung Chung River, where mudskippers and fiddler crabs hop around. Later, the participants strolled on Tung O Ancient Trail that meanders through scenic areas, where they immersed themselves in the natural attractions both physically and mentally, and learned to appreciate the nature from eco-tour guides. Medical professionals and veteran photographers from the Mental Health Photographic Society also came in to share tips and experience of photo-taking. Participants were encouraged to capture and share noteworthy moments in life with their families.

The second part of the series comprises a sharing session held jointly by the SHKP Club and the Mental Health Photographic Society, a non-profit making organization. Speakers expounded their view on shooting concepts and image composition by looking at the photos taken by participants, and explained how sharing ideas and thoughts in relation to photo-taking help strengthen spiritual bonds. The sharing session make participants understand the importance of taking a break whenever appropriate, so as to think back and look ahead before making the best plans for what is to come with family members.

The world’s beauty depends on how well you perceive it. The event trio concluded with a photo contest that focused on exploring Tung Chung as a multifaceted new town. SHKP Club members savoured the charm of Tung Chung’s ecological environment, historical footprints and dynamic urban lifestyle as they held on to the mood at the very moment. Club members and the public can peer at the winning entries from different perspectives to understand the ideas and emotions demonstrated by the photographer.

Medical professional and veteran photographers of the Mental Health Photographic Society share their thoughts of photo-taking and tell how to use the leisure interest as an outlet for expression
Capturing the Noteworthy Moments in Tung Chung photo competition -- Champion: Leung Wai Yum -- Enchanting sunset shimmers over the coast of Tung Chung
1st Runner-up: Lee Wing Nang -- Mid-air spectacular offered by a 25-minute cable car ride
2nd Runner-up: Chow Ho Sum -- Playing in a fountain spares one from summer heat