Loving Home Newsletter

Enhancing inner and outer strength for a sweet family

Tension and stress may cause sleeplessness and pain, and quarrels and disputes can produce family discord. The SHKP Club had two professionals recommend simple exercises to relieve stress and explain the principles of nurturing love at home in the Relaxation Station of the Club’s website, to help people build warm and happy families.

Happy hormone

Registered Physiotherapist Ng Man Tung says that city dwellers under a lot of stress may suffer from sleeplessness and pain. Doing aerobic exercise like swimming, brisk walking, jogging and cycling stimulates the secretion of endorphin, a hormone that boosts happiness. Ng also suggests the following six simple exercises to relax from head to toe. Please refer to the Relaxation Station for details.

1) Body-scan breathing technique
2) Relaxing your eyes
3) Relaxing your hands
4) Relaxing your neck and shoulders
5) Relaxing your legs
6) Stretching

Get on well with family members and build mutual affection

Always be frank with family members. However, to express care in an appropriate manner is no easy matter. Clinical psychologist Dr Anthony Tong suggests five basic principles to foster family love.

  1. Be forgiving: Do not criticize maliciously or be too picky. Try to be lenient and offer genuine forgiveness.
  2. Cherish each other: Family is a gift and should be treasured. It is up to married couples to keep their bonds, parents to care for children, children to be grateful and siblings to be harmonious.
  3. Show your appreciation: Let family members feel your gratitude for what they do with messages, phone calls or in person. Express your gratitude openly help build family bonds
  4. Build a collection of happy memories: Try to arrange family activities that everyone can take part in and enjoy. This produces happy memories to treasure.
  5. Be supportive: Families members should stand together to face adversity and find solutions, without complaining, accusing each other or staying aloof. Many families become closer after going through difficult times.

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