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TOWNPLACE creates resident-centric living spaces and presents exclusive leasing privileges* for SHKP Club members

TOWNPLACE, the residential leasing brand under Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP), and its Community Team, strive to create warm, resident-centric living spaces for millennials at TOWNPLACE SOHO and TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN, complete with excellent hardware and attentive resident care. SHKP Club members can enjoy exclusive leasing privileges* at the aforementioned projects, receiving SHKP Mall Gift Certificates worth up to HK$3,000*.

Creating a sense of belonging for TOWNERs

TOWNPLACE residents (TOWNERs) are encouraged to get to know one another, building friendships and a sense of belonging through interpersonal interactions. The young and vibrant Community Team always join TOWNERs to participate in various exclusive activities, such as house warming parties, handicraft workshops, weekend farmers' markets, morning yoga sessions, etc. In order to provide a homely and enjoyable stay, the team shares videos of the activities on social media, staying in touch with TOWNERs both online and offline, understanding their needs and exploring the fun TOWNPLACE living experience together. This close relationship even extends to ex-TOWNERs who have moved out.

Facilities and services catering to both work and leisure needs

TOWNPLACE SOHO and TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN are well equipped with beautiful landscaping, gym, swimming pool, sauna, and a business grade Wi-Fi network. There are a range of value-added facilities and services^ to enhance TOWNERs' living and work spaces, including a laundromat, E-lockers, meeting rooms and business hubs. The TOWNPLACE mobile app integrates multiple functions to let TOWNERs enjoy a hassle-free living. It aligns with the trend of working-from-home, allowing TOWNERs to use the MY TOWN section of the app to expand their work and social networks. TOWNERs can also enjoy the Duo Social Space spanning nearly 30,000 square feet, as well as the hospitality services and comprehensive amenities across the two properties, for a more flexible living and work life.

Fast and convenient virtual viewing service, with exclusive leasing privileges for SHKP Club members*

TOWNPLACE has launched a virtual viewing service. To help customers conveniently obtain the latest leasing information for its two projects at any time, from any location, the professional leasing team provides online viewing services at TOWNPLACE SOHO or TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN in real-time, offering useful materials about the units and Duo Social Space. From now until 30 June 2021, SHKP Club members who sign a lease on a Residential Apartment at the aforementioned projects for 14 months or more, will have a chance to receive SHKP Mall Gift Certificates worth HK$3,000*. Members who sign a lease on a Serviced Apartment at the aforementioned projects for 6 months or more, also have the opportunity to receive SHKP Mall Gift Certificates worth HK$1,000*. Please click here for details, terms and conditions, and click here for virtual viewing service.

^ Some of the facilities/equipment/service are only applicable to TOWNPLACE SOHO
* Subject to terms and conditions


Address of TOWNPLACE SOHO: 18 Caine Road, Central
Address of TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN: 97 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town
Website: townplace.com.hk
Phone call, WhatsApp or WeChat: (852) 7073 3300
Instagram: townplacehk

TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN's VR room with panoramic sea views
Morning yoga (pictured above) and scented candle workshops (pictured below) are both popular among TOWNERs
TOWNPLACE SOHO is equipped with E-lockers and a laundromat for convenient living