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SHKP and SmarTone collaborate to introduce 5G smart malls

Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) has teamed up with SmarTone to bring innovative 5G technology to SHKP's major shopping malls. With SmarTone's fast, stable and smooth 5G network and the extensive application of Internet of Things (IoT) by property management subsidiaries, SHKP delivers efficient smart mall management.

Optimising services with 5G technology

SHKP has pioneered a 5G Robot at MOKO to enhance customer experiences. The 5G Robot can travel 360-degree on wheels to reach every corner of the mall, guiding customers to specific shops and facilities. It has built-in laser radar and a 3D motion-sensor camera to detect obstacles on the floor and report them in real-time. Additionally, it helps sterilise and disinfect the mall to ensure the health of both tenants and customers.

Metroplaza is the first SHKP mall to introduce a 5G Smart Restroom. By utilising SmarTone's ultra-fast 5G network, sensors in the shopping mall restrooms and cloud data analysis, digital screens at restroom entrances display real-time queueing times and availability, effectively directing customers to restrooms and shortening wait times. The restrooms are also equipped with IAQ sensors, which collect and analyse air data using a 5G cloud management platform to monitor the overall environmental condition of the restroom. In addition, the restrooms incorporate sensors that connect with the 5G cloud management platform to monitor the status of restroom supplies, such as toilet paper and disinfectant soap, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and service quality. SHKP is also trialling the 5G Smart Restroom in New Town Plaza, and it will be rolled out to other malls according to feedback.

The Metroplaza Property Management Team can check the restroom supplies via the 5G cloud management platform
Metroplaza's 5G Smart Restroom comes equipped with sensors to display restroom availability to customers