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SHKP Club's Chinese New Year online workshops bring festive flair to members' homes

SHKP Club has received enthusiastic support from members since the launch of the themed online workshops. Recently, the "Chinese New Year Floral Online Workshop" and the "Chinese New Year Mosaic Tea Set Online Workshop" were organised for Star Members exclusively. Members made festive home decorations together with their loved ones to welcome the Year of the Ox, which revealed the "The Bliss of Loving Home" spirit.

Hand-made, auspicious floral decorations add vitality to your home

SHKP Club invited a senior florist from Juju Flowers again for the "Chinese New Year Floral Online Workshop”. The tutor used an online platform to demonstrate how to combine a wooden tray from the popular Japanese home furnishing brand, Francfranc, with pussy willows (a symbol of prosperity), Thorny Popolo (which symbolises family togetherness) and preserved flowers to make a colourful floral home decoration, bringing a strong festive atmosphere to the family.

During the workshop, Star Members and their family members learned about the characteristics and production methods of various materials by watching live teaching and demonstrations. We have summarised different flower art information and floral techniques as below:

Q: Are there any points to note when making and taking care of the floral arrangement?
A: The pussy willows will slowly lose moisture over time, resulting in weaker supporting branches. Thus, we have to tie the New Year decorations tightly with wires to make them more stable. Avoid leaving the flowers in direct sunlight, and make sure to put a little water in the tray every day to keep it moist.

Q: Which kinds of flowers can be added to make the decoration more beautiful?
A: Some large chrysanthemums (like Marigolds) are a good option as they come in a variety of colours and are durable. They help to make the floral piece more eye-catching too. Displaying the decoration in a cool room with sufficient air flow can prolong the life of the flowers, and keep the creation looking great.

Below are some Lunar New Year's greetings and ideas on festive family activities shared by members:

"I wish my family all the best and good health! We will wear our New Year clothes and take a photo together with the finished product to record the moment that we made this lovely floral piece together. "
by Chan Wai-nga (Star Member)

"Wishing everyone good health and happiness! I will place the floral decoration on the dining table so that every family member can enjoy it during our New Year's meal. This workshop gave me a great experience. The online format made participation easy and convenient, and most importantly, I could attend it with my family. "
by Lee Chui-ping (Star Member)

"Wishing everyone great health and good luck! The decoration will be placed in the living room. Whenever my family or I see it, we can feel a little more festive. It will also jazz up the atmosphere when we take a photo on New Year in our festive clothes. This online workshop was very convenient as we can join without leaving home, and the instructor explained the steps well. "
by Chow Lai-kam (Star Member)

"I hope everyone gets a promotion and a salary raise this year, and that the pandemic can be tackled completely! I will invite my relatives over to celebrate New Year, and show them the creation. Learning flower art online was flexible and it filled me with so much joy that we were able to participate with family."
by Cheng Hei-yin (Star Member)

Work from Chan Wai-nga (Star Member)
Work from Lee Chui-ping (Star Member)
Work from Chow Lai-kam (Star Member)
Work from Cheng Hei-yin (Star Member)