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Chinese New Year Mosaic Tea Set Online Workshop helps members to convey love and blessings to family

SHKP Club's recent "Chinese New Year Mosaic Tea Set Online Workshop" was hosted by a professional instructor from Make Centre, who utilised an online platform to teach members the ancient Greek art of mosaic decoration. The instructor showed members how to use colourful ceramic tiles to make a unique festive tea set as gifts for their loved ones. The set featured a cup lid with an auspicious kumquat design, a coaster with the Chinese character "Fook" to welcome luck into the Chinese New Year, as well as an exquisite tea cup from the fashionable homeware brand TREE.

Many Star Members attended the workshop with their children. They actively asked questions during the workshop to promote a fruitful interaction. We have brought together the following tips, tricks and techniques for creating mosaics:

Q: How do you come up with and create mosaic patterns? How can you ensure the tiles are secure when making a mosaic?
A: One of the keys is to use the coloured tiles correctly and skilfully. The main subject and background must be easily distinguishable from one another, whilst using contrasting coloured tiles helps highlight the pattern. Throughout the creation, firstly apply a suitable amount of glue, then press lightly on the tiles to adhere them and leave to dry for 15-20 minutes.

Q: How do you care for finished mosaic products?
A: Stains are easy to clean because the mosaic's surface is smooth. Use room-temperature water to clean the products and either leave to air dry or wipe gently with a dry cloth. We have to avoid using hot water because higher temperatures can cause the edges to bend. To keep the surface shiny and free from damage, spray on a thin layer of spray polish and wipe with a soft cloth.

Below are some of the members' works and their wishes for the Chinese New Year:

"I hope for a healthy and happy New Year spent with family. This workshop was so unique, and the instructor taught us diligently. As the activity was held online, I was able to join safely and comfortably from home with family members."
by Tsui Yee-wa (Star Member)

"My New Year's wishes are for health, happiness and family peace. I also hope that the pandemic in Hong Kong and around the world will be brought under control. I was most satisfied with the duration of the event. The instructions given by the tutor were clear, and that the finished products were beautiful and useful. This online workshop let my family and I enjoy learning at home with ease!"
by Leung Siu-chun (Star Member)

"I wish for good fortune, great health and continued joy for my family. During the workshop, the instructor carefully pointed out the areas we needed to be aware of when making our products, and encouraged us to be creative. In addition, all materials were sent directly to our home so that we did not need to leave the house to participate in the workshop. It was incredibly convenient."
by Chung Suk-king (Star Member)

Work from Tsui Yee-wa (Star Member)
Work from Leung Siu-chun (Star Member)
Work from Chung Suk-king (Star Member)
The instructor from Make Centre demonstrated how to create mosaics step-by-step