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Corporate Social Responsibility

SHKP reaffirms its commitment to sustainability

Guided by its belief in Building Homes with Heart, Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) adopts systematic corporate governance strategies and underlying policies to lay the foundation for its sustainable development strategy, utilises its five priority pillars to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and creates shared values for its stakeholders, which has led to receiving notable recognition in sustainability-related indices. Furthermore, SHKP remains a constituent member of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index and the FTSE4Good Global Index series of London. SHKP also ranked sixth in the Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index (HKBSI) and fourth in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Business Sustainability Index (GBABSI).

SHKP's key work and achievements in the 2019/20 financial year include:

  1. Environment
    Accomplished the SHKP five-year energy reduction target and set a new ten-year target for its managed properties. Updated SHKP's environmental policy to meet the challenges posed by different environments

  2. People
    Strengthened the SHKP internal e-training platform, and diversified employee training channels. Migrated two SHKP subsidiaries (Hong Yip and Sanfield) to the Occupational Safety and Health Management System ISO 45001 to provide a safe and healthy work environment

  3. Customers
    Introduced smart living concepts in SHKP's latest residential developments through the use of home automation systems and exclusive mobile apps. Utilised technology to improve hygiene standards and to safeguard the health and safety of customers and other property users. Expanded communication and engagement with customers through SHKP Club

  4. Supply chain
    SHKP deployed multiple procurement strategies to stabilise product supply, and strived to include small, medium and social enterprises in the procurement process. A total of 98% of partners were local suppliers, creating more value for the Hong Kong economy. The accident rate at construction sites for contractors hired by SHKP was also much lower than the industry average

  5. Community
    SHKP continues to support the underprivileged in the community through a number of signature community projects, such as the launch of the transitional social housing project, United Court, which aims to help ease housing shortages for local families. The SHKP Volunteer Team has also contributed over 100,000 service hours in various types of charity work in this financial year.

Please click here to view the 2019/20 Sustainability Report, and to learn about SHKP's latest work in strengthening its environmental, social and economic resilience.

SHKP Reading Club

With substantial support from the academic community, SHKP Reading Club's Read & Share programme launched again in the new school year. In order to ensure that the various events ran smoothly during the pandemic, SHKP Reading Club made arrangements more flexible by broadcasting live on Zoom or directly to the school, according to the actual circumstances of the class. Among the events, Reading X Drama performance was organised as a collaboration between SHKP Reading Club and Live Theatre. During the performance, several chapters from the popular book, Welcome to Your Next Life, written by author Zita Law, were brought to life on the school stage, after which students engaged in a dialogue to discuss the storyline, helping to inspire personal growth. Another event, Reading X Board Game, was launched in collaboration with Jolly Thinkers. The board game Book Selector was used to establish a conversational interaction between "book selectors" and "customers", which helps improve students' presentation and analytical skills. The themes covered during the board game included tourism, suspenseful detective work, history and culture, and the natural environment. The game also introduced relevant reading to the students, encouraging them to engage in extended reading after the event and to enjoy reading more.

SHKP Reading Club's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/shkpreadingclub

SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation

The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation donated RMB1.5 million through the Hong Kong Poverty Alleviation Association for the Rural Doctor Training Programme in Nanjiang County, in Bazhong City, Sichuan Province. The programme provided training to about 500 rural doctors in the county covering medical, public health, treatment of common diseases in rural villages and first-aid, etc. Rural doctors who passed the programme's assessment would receive a certificate from the Health Bureau of Nanjiang County and would be qualified for the village's healthcare service. The training programme was completed with great success. SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Executive Director Amy Kwok was pleased that the programme helped improve public health and medical services and provide timely diagnostic services for local residents, which prevent them from getting trapped in the cycle of poverty.

SHKP issues its latest Sustainability Report
SHKP Reading Club utilised drama (pictured above) and board games (pictured below) to talk about great books and discuss reading with students
Sponsored by the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation, the Rural Doctor Training Programme in Nanjiang County in Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, provides theoretical knowledge and practical training to improve medical service quality in rural villages