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SHKP Club's brand-new online workshop encourages parent-child home learning

SHKP Club has recently launched the "Parent-child Interactive Online Workshop - Animal Wonders", encouraging member-parents to explore new knowledge with their children, and to experience the online model of parent-child home learning. The model utilises common topics to promote inter-generational communication and exchange, fostering better parent-child relationships. By spending time studying together, parents can also deepen their understanding of their child's growth, build intimacy and realise the Loving Home Spirit.

Creativity and interaction make online learning more fun

For this workshop, SHKP Club invited a professional tutor to visualise natural sciences, such as the physical characteristics and living habits of different animals, using lively and engaging online teaching methods, supplemented with images and multimedia elements. This format helps to make a deeper impression on children, allowing them to more easily master new knowledge, and to fully enjoy the process of learning. The tutor also made use of different situations to guide children to discover things around them, enhancing their interest in learning English and cultivating autonomous learning.

Gamified learning to improve performance

The workshop implemented gamified learning, whereby members accompanied their children in watching themed videos in a relaxed environment to enhance their listening comprehension. Children were also able to happily learn a range of English vocabulary, such as adjectives describing animals, as well as knowledge of animals and natural science, via interactive games and trivia quizzes with prizes. In addition, the story-telling and story-creation approaches applied inspired children’s creativity and imagination. All participants got very involved and actively asked questions. After the event, each child was able to submit an English story written on their own, for the tutor to provide feedback and guidance to strengthen their writing skills. This integrates learning offline and reflects active study.

Excerpts from the Q&A session

Q: How can parents motivate their children to learn English?
A: Parents should not coerce their children into studying. Instead, the key is to integrate language learning into children's daily lives, increasing their exposure to English by including it in their hobbies. For example, if your son is interested in video games, let him watch introduction videos and demos recorded by foreign celebrities. By listening to these, it helps to improve his comprehension of the different types of syntax in the English language.

Q: What is the key to children learning English?
A: Mastering the use of any language is a lifelong process. It is important to keep encouraging your children, enabling them to maintain enthusiasm and motivation in learning English, and making sure they are not afraid of the hurdles encountered. In this case, children are able to learn from mistakes and continue to improve their English. Additional key factors for learning English properly are nurturing a child's creativity and integrating creative elements into their learning environment.

Please click here for more workshop highlights. (in Chinese only)