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Loving Home Sweet Heart Kitchen: Healthy dishes with good taste, nice presentation and pleasant aroma

Great dishes can tantalize your taste buds and warm your heart. The SHKP Club's Loving Home Sweet Heart Kitchen recently organized two cooking class sessions themed 'Three-Low-One-High Nutritious Delicacies' for members and their families to prepare tasty dishes together. Participants made crispy garoupa fillets with asparagus and wolfberry chrysanthemum cakes, a refreshing sweet dish. The classes saw members and their families demonstrated good rapport and harmonious interaction.

'Three-Low-One-High' recipes cool and healthy

Recipes of the two dishes were designed to be low in fat, low in salt, low in sugar and high in fibres. To make it easier for everyone to prepare these healthy delicacies for their loved ones, Royal Park Hotel Executive Chinese Chef Ken Wong gave a demonstration as shown below. Please also refer to the recipes.

Stir-fried giant garoupa fillet string with asparagus

Ingredients (serves four)

Giant garoupa (or other garoupa types) 8 pcs (240g)
Thailand asparagus 8 pcs
Egg white 160g
Premium soy sauce 80ml
Shallot 20g
Spring onion 20g
Salt 10g
Oil to taste
Ginger 20g
Cornstarch 20g
Sugar to taste
Cherry tomato 4 pcs
Shanghai cabbage 4 pcs
Chicken stock 40ml


  1. Rinse the giant garoupa fillet and slice it. Marinate with salt for five minutes, and pierce through the sliced fish with asparagus to make it looks like a hairpin. Set it aside;

  2. Mix egg white, cornstarch and oil to make egg white mixture, then immerse the garoupa slices in the mixture;

  3. Heat up oil in a wok and fry the garoupa fillets on medium heat until it turns golden brown. Remove from oil and set aside;

  4. Dice shallot, spring onion and ginger and set aside;

  5. Stir fry the spring onion and ginger until fragrant, pour in the chicken stock and add soy sauce. Simmer on low heat to make thickened sauce;

  6. Pour the sauce on the fish fillets, and garnish with cooked Shanghai cabbage and cherry tomatoes depending on personal preferences.

Wolfberry fruit and chrysanthemum pudding


Wolfberries 40g
Chrysanthemum 40g
Sugar 60g
Gelatine 20g
Water 640ml


  1. Rinse the wolfberries and chrysanthemum. Simmer them in water;

  2. Pour the water in Step 1 on sugar and gelatine, mix them to make gelatine syrup;

  3. Pour the syrup into a mould and put into the refrigerator. Serve after it has solidified.

Stir-fried giant garoupa fillet string with asparagus
Wolfberry fruit and chrysanthemum pudding
'Three-Low-One-High Nutritious Delicacies' cooking class widely acclaimed by members and their families and friends
Royal Park Hotel chef Ken Wong (left) sharing his cooking experience
Participants prepares healthy dishes in a collaborative effort