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Relaxation Station online: May love always be with you

Good family relationship not only fosters harmony between husbands and wives, parents and children, but also frees one from mood disorder. Since the launch of Relaxation Station on the SHKP Club website earlier this year, we have regularly invited professionals from the Mental Health Photographic Society to share tips on maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health as a mean to stay relaxed and happy.

Ways to alleviate anxiety

Psychiatry specialist Dr Gary Lee Tin-Ho recently wrote an article about the causes and treatment of anxiety disorder for Relaxation Station. He mentioned that anxiety involves unfounded fear or uneasiness. If you are suffering from anxiety, try to cultivate an optimistic mind by changing your ways of thinking through:


  1. Exploring the crux of the problem;

  2. Seeing if you are tend to be pessimistic when you try to comprehend the problem;

  3. Looking for any positive or negative emotions arising from your interpretation;

  4. Identifying your negative views first. Then try to convince yourself to adopt the positive views by looking into the rationale behind.

Dr Lee also recommended everyone to learn how to 'let go' in order to get out of a difficult situation.

Family activities strengthen relationships among members

Apart from spending your holidays at restaurants or shopping malls, it might be worth taking time out to do exercise, enjoy music, cook or travel together with family members. These leisure activities can help to strengthen family relationships. To nurture a sense of belonging among family members, veteran occupational therapist Maurice Wan suggested in his article that we take the followings into account when planning for family activities:


  1. Set a common target

  2. Make the activity a little challenging

  3. Be concentrate

  4. All family members can have different degrees of involvement

  5. Take part in the activity frequently and make it a habit

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