Loving Home Newsletter

SHKP Club's "Encyclopaedia of Family Harmony" Competition promotes a life of Loving Home via online and offline channels

In line with this year's annual theme of Loving Home in Harmony, SHKP Club has specially organised a territory-wide "Encyclopaedia of Family Harmony" Competition to encourage members and the public to share insights on establishing a harmonious family. The competition received an enthusiastic response, with participants of different ages creating a variety of works that show the secrets of achieving stronger familial bonds and a better family relationship to realise the spirit of Loving Home, including:

  • Being considerate, soothing day-to-day friction between family members

  • Building an integrated and joyful family through communication, understanding, trust and mutual respect

  • Spending lots of time together, devoting yourself to and thinking about your family to make them feel loved

  • Finding different ways to alleviate impulsive feelings of anger, and using a calm attitude to solve problems rationally

SHKP Club held its debut online prize presentation ceremony for the competition, broadcasting it live via an online platform so that more relatives and friends could share in the joy of the event and watch along for the prize giving. The winners were also able to instantly thank everyone's support, to communicate familial love and care in an interactive way, and to share useful tips for enhancing family relationships.

Below are the winning entries in each category:

Member Category: "From Love to Harmony" by Ng Ka-chun
The secret to a harmonious family: Candour, understanding and tolerance

Ka-chun shares the changes encountered by him and his wife after getting married, such as adapting to each other's habits when living together, changes in the relationship after giving birth, and having different attitudes towards anniversary celebrations. He understands that a pleasant family and a happy marriage are both rooted in harmony, indicating no one can always yield to one another and that it is important to have frank discussions about your own thoughts and feelings with your loved ones. This helps family members to get along well and improve intimacy.

Loving Home Spirit: Speak openly with your family to improve communication and mutual understanding, working together towards life goals.

Open Category – Junior: "Learning, Empathy, Exploration and Legacy" by Wong Hei-lam
The secret to a harmonious family: Care for you family, and make family your priority

Hei-lam portrays her familial love through beautiful drawings: When her elder sister was still young, she already knew how to make use of the knowledge learnt and actively observe the needs of her family, protecting and caring for Hei-lam. Her image also depicts the whole family hiking together at night, supporting one another and creating wonderful memories together. Inspired by her grandmother's experiences of fleeing from calamity, Hei-lam expresses the everlasting love within her family, rich in inheritance and educational significance.

Loving Home Spirit: Always cater to the needs of your family, and take the initiative in caring for them, allowing your loved ones to feel the affection, and making the family more united.

Open Category – Intermediate: "The Board" by Wang Yam-miu
The secret to a harmonious family: Open your heart to communicate and handle disputes calmly

In Yam-miu's flat, there used to be a board with "Don't be Angry" written on it by his grandfather. The board was used when family members had a quarrel with one another, providing a place to voice people's feelings. Yam-miu once wrote a note of dissatisfaction as his mother was unwilling to give him pocket money. When he was about to put the note on the board, he managed to calm down and realise his irrationality, understanding that the board can alleviate the negative feelings by offering a space for reflection, which further helps resolve unnecessary disputes between family members. The board has also passed down the wisdom of Yam-miu's grandfather and maintained family harmony.

Loving Home Spirit: Love and understand your family. Cherish the family relationship and one another's feelings. Try not to act on impulse and say hurtful things.

Open Category – Senior: "Use All of Your Senses" by Lau Chiu
The secret to a harmonious family: Value your family members

Lau Chiu uses sensory metaphors to demonstrate various kinds of familial love and the concepts of harmony. He encourages everyone to care more for families, including paying more attention to the needs of your loved ones, listening to one another, expressing feelings and care to enhance relationships, creating surprises for your loved ones, and using body language such as hugs and holding hands to let family members feel greater intimacy.

Loving Home Spirit: Contribute more to your family. Let spending time together, and caring for and supporting one another be the motivation in your life.

Words from the winners

"Thank you to my parents and elder sister for their support and never-ending care. My entry and the keys to a loving and harmonious family are inspired by their care and the thoughtfulness they show me in everyday life"

By Wong Hei-lam, Champion of Junior Group

"I think this event is very meaningful. Loving Home in Harmony is sometimes easier said than done. I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can help others establish a more harmonious relationship within their families. I hope everyone can openly communicate with family members to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings"

By Wang Yam-miu, Champion of Intermediate Group

"I have participated in SHKP Club's Loving Home competitions every year since 2015. The different theme each time makes me reflect on the devotion and love in my family, so I cherish the time I spend with them even more. It also reminds me to always be grateful and more considerate for family"

By Chung Sai-kit, First-runner-up of Senior Group

Please click here for more winning entries to see how the winners are living the spirit of "Loving Home in Harmony" (in Chinese only).

Wong Hei-lam received the award with her family, which was incredibly meaningful
Chung Sai-kit brought along his mother to attend the ceremony, encouraging everyone to show understanding for family members and love one another