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Sharing the thoughts of love through SHKP malls and online activities

Autumn is a season of harvest and thanksgiving. SHKP Club is bringing a series of SHKP malls, Facebook and Weibo activities for members. They help members discover more pleasures of visiting the malls on the one hand, and share the thoughts of love on the other hand.

Visit SHKP malls and experience double fun

You can extend your love and care by treating your loved ones to a feast, or simply giving them a small gift. SHKP malls offer you a wide selection of specialty food outlets and fashion brands. Apart from shopping for the items you like, you may join the SHKP Club 'SHKP Malls Joyful Shopping Lucky Draw' which will give out over 300 prizes by 31 October 2014. Star members can get double lucky draw tickets and have a chance to win the ‘Star Member's Grand Prize’. 

Delicacy, surprise and enduring moments

An act of thoughtfulness can be unforgettable. As Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, why not start planning how to create a sweet memory for your loved ones? We are now organizing 'In search of good food at SHKP malls' via SHKP e-malls in the SHKP Club's Cherish Your Family Facebook page, inviting fans to participate in quizzes and share past or current plans of celebration with their beloved. In addition, SHKP Club's Weibo page will stage a 'This Christmas I choose for you' re-posting activity to allow fans to share tips on preparing Christmas gifts and win great prizes. Participants can also gain inspiration about festive celebration in the activities. 

SHKP Malls Joyful Shopping Lucky Draw
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This Christmas I choose for you
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