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SHKP malls implement new smart preventative measures to give you a secure shopping experience

Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) believes in Building Homes with Heart. During the pandemic, SHKP has invested many resources to support shopping malls in implementing a number of new, smart, anti-pandemic measures and value-added services. This helps to provide customers, tenants and staff with further assurances, offering a safe and secure shopping and work environment, and supporting Hong Kong citizens facing the challenges brought about by coronavirus. The main measures include:

  1. The introduction of tēmi robots: A variety of tēmi machines are equipped with disinfecting sprays, sterilising UV lights or ozone disinfection devices, which perform deep cleaning and thorough disinfection. ECOBOTs are incorporated with a front brush head and an additional UV lamp to thoroughly clean floors and disinfect. Whiz machines can clean dust from small gaps and hold disinfectant sprays to fully disinfect; Service robots are also provided to help customers find their way around the malls.

  2. The installation of Smart Disinfection Stations: When you activate the touch-free sensor on a Smart Disinfection Station, disinfection spray is used to disinfect a customer from head to toe.

  3. The installation of Shopping Bag UV-C Sterilisers: After making their purchases, customers can put their shopping bags into the steriliser and wait for about 30 seconds for their items to be disinfected.

  4. The use of clothing deodorising and disinfecting tools: Strong airflow is used to remove bacteria and dust mites attached to customers' clothes. In addition, high-temperature steam is applied to disinfect and deodorise clothes.

  5. The launch of various touch-free facilities: To enhance the automation of existing facilities, SHKP was the first to introduce touch-free devices across multiple shopping malls, including touch-free lift buttons and automatic doors to reduce the risk of germ transmission.

  6. The provision of more value-added services: Customer Care Centres at SHKP malls have always provided customers with materials to help fight the pandemic, such as face mask covers and hand sanitiser. Portable UV sterilising wands are also available for disinfecting personal items, which helps customers feel at ease.

SHKP will continue to closely monitor the latest coronavirus developments, introduce appropriate measures, and work together with Hong Kong people to fight the pandemic.

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Whiz machine
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Smart Disinfection Station
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