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Stepping forward together. Go forward! Go higher!

A call to all passionate sports lovers! 'SHKP Vertical Run for Charity―Race to Hong Kong ICC' is now open for registration. The race will be held on 7 December 2014 (Sunday). Proceeds will be donated to The Community Chest of Hong Kong to support youth and child services. Don't miss the opportunity to run for charity with like-minded people and family members!

Race for the World Champion title

SHKP hosts the 'SHKP Vertical Run for Charity' charitable stair-climbing race for the third consecutive year. The event will expand its scale with two major races in 2014. 'Race to Hong Kong ICC' will be held on December 7 at International Commerce Centre, and 'Race to Shanghai IFC' on October 26 at Shanghai International Finance Centre respectively. The Hong Kong station will continue to be the grand finale of the 2014 Vertical World Circuit, bringing top runners from around the world taking the challenge of climbing 2,120 steps to compete for the champion title.

Unlimited fun in warm-up activities

To encourage public participation and promote stair-climbing, SHKP is organizing various activities in the community before the race, including the 'Step-up Hong Kong' competition. A specially-designed smartphone app with built-in game 'Go! Go 高! Vertical Run!' and photo taking feature allowing users to share their snaps with friends on social networking platforms has been launched. Please click here for details.

Running up the tallest skyscraper in the city

'Race to Hong Kong ICC' includes four categories, namely Elite, Individual, Relay and Fun Climb. The Run Climb-Type B welcomes children aged 10 or above to experience the fun of stair-climbing with parents. Registration closes on 14 November 2014. Limited quota is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Click here to enrol now!

'SHKP Vertical Run for Charity―Race to Hong Kong ICC'
Website: www.SHKPVerticalRun.com