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SHKP job training paves career path for the younger generation

Committed to nurture the future generation, SHKP has provided valuable internship opportunities for young people. Through the 'SHKP SDU―Trainee Programme' and 'Modern Apprenticeship Programme', selected senior staff are responsible for mentoring and providing career guidance to the trainees, helping them to develop their career and improve their personal development.

Opportunities for sub-degree graduates

Launched in March this year, 'SHKP SDU―Trainee Programme' had conducted selection interviews for 520 applicants, and had provided fundamental training to those who passed the interviews 26 shortlisted applicants were entitled to a one-year internship starting in August. The interns can have the chance to gain first-hand experience in the exciting day-to-day working environment of SHKP, and to learn the opportunities and challenges within the industry. Through our orientation programmes, the interns can visit SHKP’s property projects and meet our management. Additionally, they get to take part in major events and acquaint themselves with SHKP’s corporate culture and business directions. Interns also receive job rotations to get familiar with the business scope and operations of different departments, so as to acquire job-related knowledge and skills. Professional trainings such as language, professional image-building, business etiquette, time management, customer service and outward bound were given to better equip the young people. Upon completion of the programme, outstanding interns who passed an assessment will receive higher priority to become full-time SHKP staff.

Win from the start

Earlier this year, 21 young people completed the eight-week internship of the '2013-14 Modern Apprenticeship Programme' at SHKP. They attended the graduation ceremony in the presence of SHKP mentors, parents of mentees and representatives of Breakthrough. Selected mentees received scholarships from SHKP for their outstanding performance. Lau Kin Kong and Hui Ka Yan were awarded the Outstanding Performance Award for their excellent working performance, strong team spirit, good interpersonal relationships and tireless effort to equip themselves. Cheung Chun Fung was given the Self-breakthrough Award for his positive attitude to learn and handle challenges. All-rounded Student Award was given to Cheung Ho Ching for being able to demonstrate good emotional intelligence and willingness to help others.

Mentees of 'Modern Apprenticeship Programme' with remarkable performances receive SHKP scholarships
SHKP Group Head―Internal Affairs CH Tang (left) encourages participants of 'SHKP SDU―Trainee Programme' to devote themselves to their work and learning
SHKP Deputy General Manager Filipe Leung (second right) introduces the development strategy of International Commerce Centre to participants of 'SHKP SDU―Trainee Programme'