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SHKP’s property management arms earn accolades in the Quality Property & Facility Management Award

Public expectations for property management grow alongside social advancement. In response, SHKP is committed to delivering the finest property management service through its subsidiaries Hong Yip and Kai Shing. Recently, properties managed by the two companies received honours in the Quality Property & Facility Management Award, a token of appreciation for their dedicated efforts.

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Jointly organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, the Quality Property & Facility Management Award aims to recognize outstanding management practices with a view to encourage continuous improvement. It is also instrumental in raising publicity for the property management field and strengthening its professional image. Assessment criteria include the quality of management service, maintenance service, cleaning service, security service, landscaping, environmental conservation, community service and innovativeness.

Going forward, Hong Yip and Kai Shing will continue to introduce new initiatives in achieving higher sustainability and habitability. With upgraded facilities and enhanced service quality, the two companies will strive to ensure the comfort and safety in the residential and commercial buildings under their administration.


Quality Property & Facility Management Award 2014

Large-Scale Residential Property Management Harbour Place (Excellence Award)
Medium-Scale Residential Property Management Manhattan Hill (Grand Award)
Aria (Excellence Award)
Small-Scale Residential Property Management Beacon Lodge (Certificate of Merit)
Office Building Management Grand Central Plaza (Excellence Award)
Millennium City 5 (Excellence Award)
Shopping Centre Management Metroplaza (Grand Award)
East Point City ― Shopping mall (Excellence Award)
Management teams from Hong Yip (top) and Kai Shing (bottom) receive honours in the Quality Property & Facility Management Award