Loving Home Newsletter

SHKP Club's all-new rhythmic movement workshop fosters member interactions through hugging and dance

Following on from the overwhelming member response to the first gift box online workshop, SHKP Club has launched an all-new "Embrace this Moment" Parent-child Rhythmic Movement Online Workshop to encouraging exercising at home. Parents can use "physical education" to help their children learn how to interact with their bodies and better understand themselves. It was also a good chance for participants to use their bodies to perceive, think, express and create, and communicate with others.

Using the online platform to improve offline parent-child relationships

A number of members took part in this workshop together with their children. The instructor explained and demonstrated creative movements via an online platform, leading participants in a series of fun and dynamic dance moves to read through the picture book entitled “Hug”. Guided by the words, pictures and storylines, participants used their senses to create various shapes and movements, imitating different hugging methods used by the characters in the book. This helps convey sincere emotions to family members, making them feel loved, and embodying the Loving Home Spirit.

Creative rhythmic movement to promote physical and mental development

During the workshop, participants were all actively engaged and followed along with the live demonstration, completing an array of innovative rhythmic movements with their families, which included crawling, jumping, stretching, and spinning in circles. The workshop not only helped with stretching and improving coordination, but also with promoting the development of diverse physical movements, allowing children to practise muscle control and balance, while enhancing both locomotor and non-locomotor skills. When a child physically presents his or her own thoughts about the story, imagination and creativity are inspired. This also helps to foster autonomous thinking and self-expression. When parents participate in creative dance with their kids, it strengthens parent-child communication, collaboration and interaction, bringing family members closer together for a harmonious and happy family life.

The instructor combined props with hands-on demonstrations to show members from different angles how the rhythmic body movements could be used to stretch, and to train muscle control
The instructor shared various ways to hug, encouraging everyone to use body language more often to express love towards family members
Participating members and children unleashed their imagination and creativity to engage themselves in the storyline using rhythm, such as using movement to imagine sailing on a boat