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Latest ICC Light and Music Show starts the star journey

Twelve signs of the zodiac converging on the facades of International Commerce Centre (ICC) as a bright galaxy, as to present the autumn episode of the ICC Light and Music Show, which brings you a romantic legend of the stars.

Make a wish upon the meteor shower

The new episode Starlight Wishes opens with a melodic piece as a princess dances in a music box followed by maple trees so high they soar off into the stars. Then the zodiac signs enter with their classic silhouettes: Aquarius spills out as a well of wisdom; Pisces swims around in the night sky; Aries gallops under the moon; Taurus uses its paws to stir up stardust. The entire journey concludes with shimmering stars splinter across the sky, while onlookers can make a wish upon the stars.

ICC Light and Music Show starts every night at 7:45 and 9:00. The best viewing spot is on the public terraces on P3 and P4 of IFC Mall, where the advanced audio equipment broadcasting the music in sync. You can also download the ICC Light and Music Show smartphone app first and to enjoy the music and special sound while watching the show from the shores of Victoria Harbour. You can also watch the Starlight Wishes of light and shadows on a computer screen here on the SHKP Club website.

Scan the QR code to download the ICC Light and Music Show app to a smartphone.

SHKP ICC Light and Music Show