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Members got a taste of cutting edge technology at the SmarTone 5G Experience Day and enjoyed a limited-time 5G launch offer*

SmarTone, a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP), has launched an all-new 5G network enhancing daily life and mobile experience. SHKP Club recently invited members to bring along family and friends to take the lead in joining the SmarTone 5G Experience Day held at apm mall. Participants were able to try out AR and VR games, along with a variety of 5G network experience, to feel the convenience brought by 5G to everyday life. SHKP Club members are entitled to a SmarTone limited-time launch offer* too.

A "Faster, Stabler, Smoother" SmarTone 5G network for work and entertainment

SmarTone is dedicated to providing a "Faster, Stabler and Smoother" 5G connection that satisfies user’s needs during work and leisure. Its 5G network leverages AI real-time radio processing technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time baseband processing to instantaneously direct users to the best 5G cells. This speeds up the sending and downloading of large files on your phone for work, and gives you an improved gaming response without glitch or lag. SmarTone 5G pioneers the use Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology so that spectrums are dynamically utilised. Network resource is also utilised efficiently according to actual usage, which promotes a wide network coverage and high quality service for customers. Such enhanced network performance will also facilitate video conferencing, call-making and a smoother mobile experience. SmarTone always emphasises network security, and Ericsson, the European 5G network provider, is its sole 5G vendor. International Network Security Model is applied by SmarTone 5G for data breach prevention and safeguarding online security, which enables customers to use the network at ease. In addition, SmarTone's 5G network covers various prime locations in Hong Kong, including major commercial towers, shopping malls and highways, allowing you to truly enjoy a "Faster, Stabler and Smoother" 5G network experience in everyday life.

SmarTone limited-time 5G launch offer* for SHKP Club members

From now until 31 August 2020, SHKP Club members joining designated SmarTone 5G service plan can enjoy a limited-time 5G launch offer* at HK$298/100GB per month*^, and get up to HK$2,100 discount for purchase of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Series smartphone. Please click here for details, terms and conditions.

* Offer is subject to terms and conditions
^ Monthly fee HK$298 for six months upon purchase of designated smartphone and customers will be charged the monthly fee HK$398 for the rest of bill months within the contract period

The response to the event was overwhelming. Everyone was absorbed in trying out the VR games and experiencing the magic of 5G