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Exploring the colourful culture of Ma Wan in autumn

Autumn sees fair weather and is a good time for countryside tours. Noah's Ark Hong Kong recently launched 'Time Travel Fun in Autumn', a guided tour for you and your children to explore the natural ecology and history of Ma Wan. Meanwhile, you may make your nutritious sparkling water filled with fruity flavours or prepare Italian Sweet Delights in a Pot (a potted-plant-shaped dessert) with Roselle from the Herb Garden!

Rich and diverse historical legacy

In the old days, Ma Wan was a simple and pure fishing village. It was inhabited as early as the Neolithic Age. Native plants and mangroves on the island are natural ecological treasures. Until 9 November 2014 (every Saturday and Sunday), visitors are welcome to join the 'Time Travel Fun in Autumn' for free after admission and have a fun lesson on Ma Wan and discovers its archaeology with tour guides. Visitors can also make a bookmark with scrap paper which will evoke recollection of the journey, and have a glimpse of fiddler crabs and mudskippers commonly found on wetland.

DIY Roselle jam

Every October to December, the Roselle planted in Noah's Ark Herb Garden blossoms. Roselle symbolizes love and peace; its mixed flavour of sour, sweet, astringent and bitter is perhaps only appreciated by those who had been deeply in love. Besides being used to create Italian Sweet Delights in a Pot, Roselle can be an ingredient of an appetizing, sweet and sour natural jam. Next time when you see Roselle in fruit stalls, buy some and try this at home!

Roselle jam


Roselle's calyx 300g
Sugar 600g
Lemon juice To taste
Water 100ml


  1. Cut off the bottom of the calyx and remove the stalks.
  2. With a chopstick, push up from the bottom of the calyx and discard the large seed that is pushed out.
  3. Tear off the calyx and rinse each sepal.
  4. Put the sepals in a pot and heat using medium to low heat. Add water over three times and boil for about ten minutes, constantly stirring until the sepals are disintegrated and pectin is released. Add sugar and lemon juice and continue to stir until all the sugar is completely dissolved. Turn off the heat.
  5. The jam is ready to be served after cooling down, or it can be kept in a covered glass container.
  6. Since the jam does not contain preservatives, it must be stored in a refrigerator and consumed as soon as possible.
Italian Sweet Delights in a Pot
Visitors learn to make one-of-a-kind rainbow-coloured sparkling water at a refreshment post of 'Time Travel Fun in Autumn'
Environmentally-friendly bookmark made of deciduous leaves and petals