Loving Home Newsletter

Tales of Family Support competition – A call to share your love

Support can make people feel happy. Getting the support of loved ones makes you feel the warmth and strength in life; giving support to others makes them and you happy and fulfilled.

Saying encouraging words such as ‘come on!’ and holding your loved one’s hands tightly to show your readiness to help or quietly listening to them telling stories can show support and love for each other. The SHKP Club is staging a Tales of Family Support competition as part of its Loving Homes Support the Family campaign, to inspire more family love by inviting people to share their stories of family members supporting one another and the underlying happiness and emotions.

We welcome people of all ages to participate. Entries may be in any form, including text, drawings, photos, multi-media and more. The contest will have Member and Open (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) categories. A “Best Supporting School award” will be presented and more than 250 winning entries will be selected. Prizes include deluxe hotel suite accommodation with dining, book vouchers and tablet. People can enter online or download cover forms from the Club website to send to the Club with entries by 15 June.