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Start having a relaxed lifestyle with Relaxation Station

After we had published the 'Befriend Stress', we have in the Relaxation Station two experts in July and August who share five tips for getting good sleep and ways to reduce anxiety. We hope they will help you stay relaxed and happy.

Five ways to sleep well

Given that you are able to enter a state of deep sleep, even just a few hours of sleep will make you a more energetic person than those who sleep ten hours or more. Miu Bik-kwan, an experienced nurse from the Mental Health Photographic Society, shares with members how to get quality sleep from aspects such as the environment, mental and physiological adjustment and small activities:

  1. Create a sleep-friendly environment

  2. Maintain a regular day-to-day lifestyle

  3. Practice mindful breathing to relax

  4. Leave your worries behind and accept your limits

  5. Do some relaxing bedtime activities

Stay away from anxiety now

When we face challenges, we may feel anxious. In fact, an appropriate level of anxiety helps us to be vigilant and determined to deal with the problems at hand. However, if we experiences an excessive level of anxiety, our body will display warning signs such as frequent diarrhea after meals, muscle aches, etc. Not only does it affect our personal life, it will also worry our loved ones. In August, psychiatrist Dr Lee Tin-ho will share with you in 'Relaxation Station' how to reduce inner anxiety, so that you and your family will be happier and more relaxed in life.

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