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New activities enables fans to share memorable heart-warming experiences

Sharing always gives one joy. Through the 'Most Caring Shopping Experience' activity held previously via SHKP e-malls, fans shared different experiences at our malls. It allowed us to understand that at an emergency or a rush moment, offering support, carefully answering customer questions and other thoughtful acts will let customers feel looked after. This time, SHKP Club is bringing you two online activities: 'The Most Unforgettable Event at SHKP Malls' via SHKP e-malls and the social media sharing event 'An Experience of Heart-Warming Hotel Service'. Through listening to your opinions and preferences on SHKP mall events and hotel services, we will provide you with more personalized services. For more details, please follow the latest updates on SHKP Club's Cherish Your Family facebook page and Weibo.

An Experience of Heart-Warming Hotel Service
Trade Promotion Competition Licence: 43737