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Creating a better living environment by making it greener

It is a summer dream of many urban dwellers to rest under the shades in a private garden with an extensive green landscape. SHKP's property management subsidiaries Hong Yip and Kai Shing gained a number of awards under the Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development 2014 while Park Island and Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade) was awarded the Gold prize in the categories of Large Scale Residential Property and Non-Domestic Property respectively.

Park Island promotes green living

Creating a harmonious living environment through landscape greening has always been the philosophy of Kai Shing's Park Island management team. Park Island has a total area of more than 517,000 square feet. Through systematic management, maintenance and landscape design, a lush landscape has proudly been established in Park Island. For example, there are plant landmarks at different corners of the estate, special flowers during festive seasons, food waste-converted fertilizers and a leisure growing corner for residents to experience the fun of planting and harvesting. All these have contributed to Park Island’s sustainable development and ornamental value of its landscape.

Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade) to develop an urban oasis

Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade) has already opened for more than 20 years. In recent years, active landscape design optimization and horticultural maintenance have been done there. Besides the use of two renewable energy sources (solar energy illuminating light and the rainwater irrigation system), there is also collection of food wastes for converting into organic fertilizers. In addition to these eco-friendly measures, Hong Yip also offers organic farming workshops & the Greenery workshop at Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade) for the public to experience the fun of growing plants. Moreover, children can play fun games at the Adventure Park amidst the colourful flower beds and evergreen shrubs.

Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development 2014

Gold Non-Domestic Property Grand Century Place (Shopping Arcade & Office Tower)
Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade)
Large Scale Residential Property Park Island (Phase 1-5)
Domestic Property Villa Concerto - Symphony Bay
Merit Non-Domestic Property CEO Tower
Large Scale Residential Property Grand Del Sol
Manhattan Hill
Ocean Shores
Prima Villa
The Parcville
Domestic Property Lime Stardom
Peak One
Pristine Villa
Shouson Peak
The Leighton Hill
Woodland Crest
Park Island's lifelike dolphin-shaped plants have become its famous landmark
Food waste-converted fertilizers help the crops at Park Island to thrive strongly
The alien-theme Adventure Park at Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade) is a favourite spot for children
A solar energy device installed at Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade) for efficient use of sustainable energy