Loving Home Newsletter

SHKP Club's "Loving Home in Harmony" campaign - building harmonious and blessed families with love

Maintaining a harmonious family life can spread love.

SHKP Club's theme for 2020 is "Loving Home in Harmony". We will organise a series of online and offline member activities to encourage sincere family communication, mutual respect and understanding, and other attributes that are essential for establishing caring and harmonious families.

The “Encyclopedia of Family Harmony” exudes selflessness and love

SHKP Club will first host the “Encyclopedia of Family Harmony” competition, inviting members and the general public to share secrets for living a harmonious and happy family life, fostering family love, as well as enhancing family ties and relationships. Different heartwarming stories plus useful tips received for getting along with family help instill a fruitful Loving Home lifestyle. The competition comprises Member Category and Open Category (Junior, Intermediate, Senior). There are no restrictions on participants’ age and format of the entries. We welcome text, pictures, poems, multimedia videos, etc. The competition offers a rich assortment of prizes that worth more than HK$200,000 for over 350 prize winners. We look forward to your participation!

Heartwarming Loving Home stories promote harmony

Each family is home to countless stories of love and compassion. By sharing below stories, we hope to reveal some tips for improving family relationships and letting your loved ones feel that they are treasured.

Mum's first Instagram story
The secret to harmonious family: learning together
I held my mum's wrinkled hands and taught her how to use Instagram on smartphone. This reminded me that she put my small hands into hers to teach me how to write when I was a kid. Mum successfully created her first Instagram post and its title was "My daughter's first day of school"! She used her phone to take pictures of my childhood photos and uploaded to Instagram, showing how I grew and allowing me to look back on these sweet memories. Mum, thank you for not only bringing me up, but always learning new things for me. You are so devoted and thoughtful. I also want to learn from you, including the Tai Chi that you are good at, and the dishes which you cook so well. Let’s create more heartwarming moments and spend the days happily together!

The tree hollow
The secret to harmonious family: a problem shared is a problem halved
I shared a room with my big sister since childhood. Whenever I was upset or in trouble, I would climb into her bed, badgering her to let me sleep with her so that I could pour my heart out. My sister always held my hands tightly and listened to me patiently, which made me feel much released after our discussion. Even though my sister is married now, she still keeps me in mind. She often calls or uses WhatsApp for a heart-to-heart and to find out how everything is going. She is like my “24-hour Reliable Tree Hollow” - protecting, caring and hearing me all the time.

Grandpa's bad habit
The secret to harmonious family: mutual understanding and being considerate
Grandpa always left his dirty socks in his shoes, although he had often been reminded not to do so. Grandma always patiently helped him take out the socks for laundry. I asked Grandma why she didn’t make Grandpa rectify this bad habit and wash the socks by himself. She just said: "We are lifetime family members. It is not worth to let such little issue worse our relationship. Your Grandpa also helps me clean the water marks off the bathroom mirror every day. Harmonious families are the ones that thrive. Being considerate can bring us even more love." Mutual understanding and being generous is the trick how Grandpa and Grandma happily growing old together, which is also the recipe for a blessed family.

He eats durian to make me happy
The secret to harmonious family: respecting your loved one's choices
My husband had a real fear of the smell of durian. As he knew durian was my favourite food, he often brought some home for us to "enjoy" together. Each time when he hold his nose and nervously forced the durian down, we could not stop laughing out loud together. "Dear, thank you for catering to my tastes, always thinking of me and making me smile. To express my gratitude, I will continue cooking the almond soup that you love, despite my dislike on its smell. I hope you can feel how much I value and love you." Understanding, respecting and tolerating each other are definitely the secrets of our joyful and harmonious family.

For details of the "Encyclopedia of Family Harmony" competition, please keep an eye out for announcements at the SHKP Club website on 20 January 2020.

“Love Home in Harmony” instills family love